Touring plan MK

This is our second trip and our in-laws first trip. I am not sure how much we will follow these plans, but I have an idea of what I want to accomplish. For MK we have one day and I want to make it the best first trip for them…LOL! What have I missed, is it a crazy plan (not possible)? Opinions welcome. I have never made a touring plan before. I have them for every park this trip.

You need to make the TP public so others can view it. Are there kids joining you on the trip? If so, what ages? That can help with evaluating a plan.
4 adults and 2 kids ages 7, 10

Would you please optimize or evaluate the plan? The TP generic plans are pretty solid, but queue time vary based on time of year.

I’m sorry, I accidentally created a copy and published that one and it was optimized! I realize it shows us getting to BOG late, my hope is we can get on Mine Train before since I didn’t get a fast pass.


Space Mountain! After you evaluate it, you will better be able to tell if it is doable. But if necessary, I’d swap out Astro Orbiter for Space Mountain.

I only have Astro Orbiter there since we have not bee on it, thought it would be pretty at night! I’m thinking only half the party will ride Space Mountain.

I see. I think it is prettier to look at than ride, but I get it.

You do have 50 minutes free time, though. Can you squeeze it in?

Also, if you move up LTT by about 30 minutes, you will make use of the 29 minutes free time after IASW which might give you more change to get in Space MOuntain without removing anything.

Thank you! Maybe I will cut it out and if we happen to have time then hop on. I could also send half our party there while we hop in line for Space Mountain. Just a thought. I don’t think we will follow this by the book, but I wanted ideas in mind. Does it seem like we are all over the place? I tried to work around our fast passes and add things in. I just looked and the only other LTT available is at 3:35 and we were wanting to eat a little later in the day.

It is a little back and forth, but I can see you were balancing the fast passes to pull that off.

I would definitely toy around with it. For example, what happens if you do PeopleMover, Astro, and Space Mountain in place of Peter Pan and IASM, and move PP and IASM after LTT?

The plan looks fine. The unplanned free time will give you a cushion throughout the day.

I’d keep my eyes open for a SD FPP for PPF.

I added SM and moved them around, which seems to give us less idle time. It looks better than my original!
Only 4 more days to figure out!

Yeah. That looks pretty nice. Still a bit of back-and-forth, but not terrible. Only 73 minutes walking time total, which isn’t bad.

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Last week I got SD FPP for PPF both on Tuesday (4:15 pm) and Thursday (3:15 pm). I did a fair amount of modifying, but only while the kids were eating (lunch or snacks) or while we were in line for an attraction. Lesson - They can be out there if you are persistent!

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The way it looks now, I see a 9am RD and then no free time or significant buffer until almost 3pm. Assuming you’re at the gates by 8am, that’s 7 hours without food or rest. I’d put a lunch break around 11-12. What if you skip HM and plan to eat at CHH during that HM time? You could put HM on your plan between IASW and LTT. And of course cross your fingers for a SDFP.

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With BOG being a late breakfast for my family, I’m thinking we won’t be hungry for a good while. The break I put in would be a snack time.

Don’t underestimate how hungry/thirsty you will be from all the standing and walking, particularly in Florida heat. You may not feel hungry…which probably means you are getting dehydrated!


Weird, I see BOG now, but I didn’t see it before. Or I was really tired. Anyhow, I still suggest one more break in there. A good rule of thumb is 20 minutes every 2 hours. This covers pee breaks, spontaneous ice cream stops, and (good) distractions.

Like one time, my kids spent an inordinate amount of time looking at ducks. Ducks! But those kids were happy, so we looked at ducks. :woman_shrugging: In the course of watching ducks, we found the wishing well. Planning down time is like leaving space for those moments. (And for the eleventeenth time the same kid needs to pee. It was probably all the spontaneous ice cream.)

That Haunted Mansion spot still looks like a prime rest time to me. What about putting HM after PP, right before the fireworks? If you snag some SDFP along the way you should be able to make up enough time to fit it in.

OR, if you’re front of the pack at RD and can get onto 7DMT with a 15 minute wait instead of 45, you might be able to squeeze in HM before your breakfast.

Last - 45 minutes is very tight for a TS dinner. Most people allow 60, bare minimum, and prefer to allow 75-90. You have to account for wait time; you are not guaranteed to be seated at your ADR time.

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I will try moving the Haunted Mansion. I am no expert with this and first touring plan too. I was trying to get in our must do’s and work with our resie’s and fast passes along with not be back and forth all day. I was trying to keep a few attractions in an area at once. I do have Mine Train first with the hope to rope drop before BOG but it keeps telling me I will have the 45 min wait ( or whatever) which will make us late to breakfast so I am really hoping that is not accurate. If all else fails we can maybe hop over and do a few things. We planned for 2 Epcot days since we didn’t make it around the World Showcase last time (and just my luck our 2 Epcot days are party days) I think we can maybe leave early enough the one day for a few hours. It’s going to be EMH evening at Epcot so we can go back there after??

I totally get where you’re coming from! Of course you want to get as much done as you can. And avoid pinballing around the place. It’s probably a good idea to “rank” the rides so you know what to scrap with the least upset for all concerned, if it comes to that.

It’s true that you can’t really get TP software to predict a short wait time for a true, front-of-pack rope drop. It’s a matter of much discussion on these boards. :wink: You should be able to do better than spending an hour on that one ride. You might also finish more quickly than you planned at BOG if you pre-order your food. Between those two considerations, I’m optimistic for your first couple of hours. :sun_with_face: