Touring plan maps?

Are there TP maps anywhere? I know there’s a little map on our individual Touring Plans, nicely numbered so we know approx. where to go next. This is helpful. But, for those of us who have never been there, I can see getting hopelessly lost trying to get from one thing on the plan to the next. Does Touring Plan offer a more-detailed map than the one that comes with the TP?

Not that I know of, but the Disney site has interactive maps that you can use to get a feel for where things are.

Of course, you can also get maps when you get there, but planning is more than half the fun.

You can print maps from the WDW website. After printing, you can then easily mark what you’ll be doing/when. I am uploading the PDFs into photoshop and doing that pre-printing! Should be able to send myself the file too so I can have it on my phone (though I prefer paper for this kind of thing).

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That’s all you get from TP. However, the maps on DME are excellent. There are also WDW map apps that even use GPS to mark your location in the park - some free, some for a nominal cost.

I love the interactive maps on the WDW site, but I don’t think I’ll be using them much in the park, as I don’t want to drain my phone’s battery any more than necessary.

In planning for my upcoming WDW trip I ran into some nice maps that Kenny the Pirate put together. I saved them as PDFs and am planning on keeping them on my phone and perhaps printing them out. Here’s the link:

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Just what I need - thanx!
I don’t want to drain my battery using my phone so I’m looking for printed out maps. Plus, let’s be honest, I’m really not a techie person and much prefer print-outs. :yum:

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