Touring plan map enhancement requests

Hi -

Since there was such tremendous awesomeness by getting a “my dashboard” link at the top of the forums page just by asking I thought I would mention two others I thought of today that imo would be useful:

  1. Orient the maps the same way Disney does - for example for the HS map, on TP the entrance is at the bottom while all the official Disney maps are oriented North so the entrance is in the North/East - pretty much the exact opposite of how the map looks in TP.

  2. It would be AWESOME if you could hover over each of the numbered steps on the map and it did a tooltip (small popup window) to show you what ride/show/step it is. I do a lot of looking at the map (or printing it) and then scrolling through the steps to see what the thing is.

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You just need to go more. Then you know what you’re looking at without going back and forth :laughing:



Every brain works differently.

That being said, I literally spent time just looking at different versions of park maps for each park. Just getting oriented. And, it’s Disney homework; the best kind of homework.

For me, remembering the difference between Sunset Boulevard and Animation Courtyard took some time to get right (I knew they were both right-handed offshoots of the main throughway once entering DHS, but confused them often).

Anyhow! You should be able to Google up some hi-res maps for studying, just to orient yourself at the World in your brain. It will make you a better expert!

Cheers ––

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