Touring Plan incorporating LL and ILL attractions

How do I incorporate the LL and ILL attractions into a touring plan?

Welcome! See the second paragraph:



Thanks for this!! Len had said it was going to be “mid-November” on Disney Dish, so I’ve been wondering.

I’ve been monitoring TP with my “virtual” plans and seeing if the predicted waits are accurate. I know it’s an awkward time for TP with G+ and LL$ being introduced, but my personalized plans are almost useless after Noon. The predicted wait times, at each step / attraction, are off by at least 30 minutes and often even 60 minutes due to the G+ / LL$ mess. I’m glad I’m only following along at home & not counting TP right now.

Conversely, my plans for Universal are spot on and sometimes even ahead of schedule. Guess where I’m going next!! :wink: