Touring Plan -how to remove if have 2 scheduled for 1 day

I accidentally copied 2 touring plans to one day on my dashboard. How do I remove one? When I click on it, it just opens up the plan.

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From your computer at the top of the plan click the link that says personalized touring plans. That will show you all of yours with the option to delete them.

When you are looking at your dashboard, scroll down and on the bottom right you should see a section called “Personalized Touring Plans.” Each of your plans will be listed with the word “delete” in parentheses next to it. Click “delete” next to the one you wish to delete and a pop-up will warn you that it cannot be undone; then click “ok.”

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That worked perfectly. Thanks!

There are a couple of feeds dealing with this question. The option to delete multiple touring plans created for any given day really should be available directly in the defined trips’ planning grid/table.