Touring Plan help

Ok, so I’m brand new here, although I’ve been obsessively lurking/reading for about 2 months. Our trip is not until June. We’re staying on site, so can book FP in April. Should I wait to set up my daily touring plan after I get our FP booked? Ok, so honestly since I’m obsessing I’ve created each day plan and put in all the rides we want, breaks, and meals. But it seems like it will all change once I add our Fp reservations? also, if you plan on hitting RD and want to get as much stuff done before it gets crowded, how do you do that with the Touring plan. I have a suggested plan from a friend on how to hit MK at RD, but the touring plans has set it up completely opposite, starting at the front and working our way back. I think I want to RD Peter Pan and hit a few places up there, then FP at say 10ish at 7D. I’ve been moving things up, moving other things down, it’s taking forever. And then I can’t optimize ever again bc it changes it all back. Lol. Am I making sense?? It’s overwhelming. Thanks for your help!!!

The personalised plan should suggest what FPP to get. Honestly I would trust the optimisation if you want the shortest wait times. But if you want to stick to your order, you should evaluate and it will keep the order and still give predicted wait times. You can always move it around a bit if times look long.

This is easier than you are making it. I did the same thing. Relax. Chill. TP has you covered. Like missoverex said, use the EVALUATE option if you want to keep the order you think will work best. What’s cool about tp is that you can modify on the fly on your phone in only a few sec. You’re covered even when you’re in the park! Whether you make your fastpasses now, or the day before your trip, you can plug it in and re-optimize or re-evaluate. If you haven’t thought about a pre-dr breakfast for MK, I think it might be right up your alley. BOG is expensive for FOOD, but it puts you a few steps away from 7dmt and you’ll be able to ride it before any of the RD rushers get there, which will put you ahead of the crowd for where it sounds like you’d like to be. That might make your expensive breakfast worth it. You don’t even have to get a full meal for your party.

In any event, you’ll be FINE. TP is gonna take good care of you. It’s almost TOO easy.


Hi. I like to make my plans first so that I know where we will be during the day, and then get FPP based on that. For example, I wouldn’t want to get a FPP for Frozen for a time while I was supposed to be in Future World (long walk between them). This is easier when you are familiar with the parks, so you may want to study the maps on the Disney website. I also put in the ADR’s and plan around that. If I am eating lunch at Garden Grill, I should get a Soarin FPP (if I was planning to use the tier 1 on Soarin) for a time just before or after lunch. As for MK, we get our FPP’s for something like 9-10,10-11 and 11-12 when the park is open at 8am for EMH. Then we will hit headliners not covered by the 3 FPP from 8-9:30 before using FPP’s. As soon as you scan for the 11am FPP you can make more on your phone, but I like to know we rode the major headliners all before noon. I have big kids though, so Fantasyland is skipped for the most part, except late at night when it is fairly empty.
I use evaluate only, I don’t like that optimize has you all over the park. I would rather have 30 minutes more wait over the day then spend all day running back and forth. I like your plan to RD Peter Pan and ride things back there before starting your FPP. Just don’t hit optimize unless you want to lose your carefully made plan.
We booked FPP in November for a trip in 4 weeks, and got mostly everything at the times I had planned for. Only exception was Frozen Ever After on our first park day, it was only available after 3pm and we wanted noon right after Akershus. But that was an easy change for my plans. Otherwise, they are within 5-10 min of what I planned. Good luck and have fun planning!