Touring plan has random 40-60 min "free time" periods? WTheck? Am I doing it wrong

We will be there Tues/Wed with Early Entry on Wed to IOA. We have the express passes.
I selected “1 day park to park with no early entry” for our first day at Universal Studios. There is a part 1 but I see no part 2? So I don’t see where it gives me the rest of the day plan for the afternoon at IOA.
Why do I have random BIG chunks of free time? Thanks!

You would have random chunk of free time because you don’t have enough attractions.

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Is this what you need?

Thank you! I selected the adult plan (going with my 14 year old) so I guess it dropped out all the kiddi rides. We have express pass so maybe I should just beeline first thing at rope drop to the rides that DON"T have express pass and then just use express the rest of the day. I used a touring plan to disney a few years ago with great success but Universal just seems more complicated for some reason.


@bebe80 shared the link to part 2. I did not see it in the app. Are you creating your plans in the app or on the website?

With express pass you won’t even need a touring plan. Do what you want when you want. Rope drop the attractions that don’t have an EP line.


@Shmebulock is 100% correct.

With Express Passes a touring plan is pointless. I’ve never used one at UOR.


Ok, thank you!!! I have never had express passes before and haven’t been to universal.
I am used to Disney but USF is a whole new experience. I am finding the planning confusing.
So basically ride the NON express pass rides like Hagrids and Velocicoaster immediately during Early Entry then use my express pass on everything else the rest of the day.


YES, I think so!!! But now, from what I am reading here, a touring plan isn’t really a necessity with Express passes. I guess I just beeline at rope drop to the rides that DON’T have express pass then use my express pass the rest of the day. Do you think that will work? Thanks!


Yep! The nice part is you have so much flexibility and no need to rush around.


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Thank you. This will be a much more stress free trip I think compared to Disney with the old 3 fast passes at a time on your cell phone situation. I rocked the Touring Plan back then on a crowd 10 day and it was awesome!!!

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When you have Express Pass, a Touring Plan is mostly useful as a checklist or reminders of things you want to see/do. I made a Touring Plan in priority order, so I could reference it and check things off. Also helped if we were deciding what to do next and fitting in all the shows we were trying to catch.


Thank you!!!

With express pass USO is a much easier experience that requires almost no planning and no waking up early unless you want to use early entry to ride Hagrids and VC (the other option is to hop in line just before close for these especially Hagrids or single rider).

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Also I just do things as I come to them. I made a scavenger hunt for our last trip that included some fun extras. Besides wands, ask the knight bus confuctor if he’s heard any rumors about Voldemort, the Kings Cross Station cast members how to find platform 9 3/4. Pick up the pay phone when it rings in Simpsons land outside the Kwik e mart and the phone inside moes tavern. Find the bridge near Mythos and listen for troll under it. Stand in front of the mirror in Madam Malkins. Stand under the Leaky Caldron sign. There are so many nifty little experiences like that beyond rides most especially the knight bus and shrunken reactions to the Voldemort questions.


Universal is so stress-free!! You really don’t “need” a touring plan. (Especially since you have Express Pass as I’ve noted in your other posts.) I still make one to get a “feel” of the predicted park crowds. However, it’s really just a “checklist” to make sure I don’t forget to see a show or to stop a specific bar / eatery.

My best advice is to plan the shows more than the rides. Plus, verify on the Universal App the day of your outing what those times are. They can change and touring plans only has the “usual” times in their plans / site.

Do make reservations for any meals in CityWalk!!! That’s really the only “stressful” place - if you don’t have reservation. You can make them online through the website (not the App).

Don’t worry… you don’t have to make them 60 days in advance!! :rofl: However, if you don’t have a CityWalk reservation you can expect to wait at least 90 minutes to “walk-up” at peak meal times.


Yes, do the non-EP rides during EA. Then just go in a circle and ride everything you come to as often as you want. No criss-crossing the parks.

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