Touring plan for repeat visitors with tween boy

My 9 year old son have big “I am too big for this list”

He doesn’t want to do anything in Fantasyland apart from Seven Dwarfs (and I am not giving up on small world)

It’s our 3rd trip. I am not sure should I do our touring plans as normal (he will get on with it) or skip the likes of peter pan, pooh, dumbo… What do other repeat visitors with growing kids do?

I have tried to balance what DS11 wants with what I want. He doesn’t want to do IASW, I only really do it out of habit, so that’s fine, we can skip it. But I’m not going to miss Peter Pan, and 5 minutes on a ride won’t kill him, so that’s in the plan.

It’s a holiday for everyone, not just him, so there has to be some give and take. It may end up that I ride PP alone, as I know DH doesn’t fancy it either, but I’m ok with that.

Perhaps we could switch kids as my DS9 doesn’t like any rides that are fast, twisty or drop. We enjoyed the Pirates Adventure and I’d like to try the Sorcerers card game. My ds likes shows and parades. It is an awkward age where they don’t want to be seen as a little kid anymore. Let him choose a few rides for himself and choose the rides in Fantasyland that you enjoy. I agree with @missoverexcited that it is a holiday for everyone not just him. Okay, truthfully, Disney is my holiday and DS should be grateful I’m taking him along for the ride :slight_smile:


Yes this!!

Who all will be in your group? If you have another adult, you can split and have them do something else while you do your rides. We did this with our two boys when I’d do wild rides with one, and DH did tame things (or snack) with the other. Otherwise, you can try to console yourself about anything you skip this time that it’s not your only visit to WDW, and you can always hope to come back again.

At that age, we started playing SOTMK in the park to make the boys happy (I have 2 boys that are 2 years apart). Depending on the group, maybe someone can split off with him and play the game for a while?