Touring plan for multiple days at a park

With the personalized touring plans, I see how you can easily select the rides/shows you want for a day at a specific park and it’ll give you guidane on when to do each attraction. Is there a way to enter rides/shows you want to do over 2 days at a park and it’ll split them up for you? For example, if we know what we want to do over 2 days at MK, can those be entered and the touring plan guidance will split them up over the 2 days in the most efficient manner? Or, is the only option for us to determine which attractions we want to do on each day first? It’d be great if it could take the entire list we want to do over 2 days and optimize accordingly.

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It only works with one park, one day at a time. You need to decide how to split things up but you can put all in one day and optimize and then see how things change when you remove various attractions.

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The Unofficial Guide has recommended two-day plans for MK and EPCOT that are also copied on to the Lines app. I would start with their recommendations on what attractions to visit each day.

AK and HS have never had two-day plans that I am aware of in case you want to do multiple days at those parks. Right now, AK can be done in one day. Hollywood Studios, on the other hand, has been getting so crowded that a 2-day plan might be a good idea for the Touring Plans crew to create. What do you think, @len ?