Touring Plan for Multi-Park with Early Entry to IOA but no Express Pass

We are visiting Universal next week (May 31-June 2) for 3 Days with Park Hopper, early entry to IOA only and no express pass. We want to take advantage of early entry, but didn’t know if we should immediately take HE over to DA after early entry is over or just continue touring IOA and hit DA later in the day or the next day. Thoughts? I don’t really see a Touring Plan that meets our exact situation.

Paging @Skubersky for the expert opinion here.

If you have 3 days, I’d follow the 2 day/2 park premium plan. On day 1, follow the notes in the non-early entry plan to enter USF at 8:30 and do DM 1st.
On day 2, use the IOA early plan in the morning, then go to USF in early afternoon.
On day 3, use either the 1 day/2 park highlights or Wizarding World plan, enter IOA at 8 and take the train to USF by 9.