Touring Plan for MK

2 adults traveling with a 2 year old girl. Please let me know your thoughts.

I would FP Peter Pan and 7DMT instead it the carpets and buzz. Both carpets and Buzz can be picked up easily same day. The lines for 7DMT and PP build fast and stay long throughout the day.

Also with a little one I would not want to crisscross the park. I tend to focus on one land at a time before moving to the next land. This might cause longer waits in a few places but same day FP will help you here. I also would book my FP 9,10,11 using the first 9:55-10:15am.

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I would imagine that, 2 weeks out, getting a FP for 7DMT isn’t going to happen at this point.

100% agree.

Just on a break glance - You are arriving at your 12:30pm rest break an hour late and your dinner break 45 minutes early.

Also, you don’t seem to have much leeway in the afternoon / evening should you get behind.

I think there are afternoon PP fast passes still available.

Would recommend moving BoG later if possible, you ideally don’t want to be spending EMH eating.

There are trackers for ADR availability at:

And also for FPPs (we got an 1010 7DMT just last week for our trip next week) at:

Do you realise you have 42 minutes twiddling thumbs between Carousel and Belle? TP does that if you have an FPP close, but not close enough! You can use FPPs 5 mins early and 15 late, which may help you onto Aladdin a bit sooner.

Would not use an FPP for Aladdin at all given the choice, and you can probably get the regular line for Belle down by going a bit earlier. For what you are doing, JC, PoTC or HM might be good FPP choices.

Walking and waiting seem good to me! You have about 15% of your time walking and 25% in lines. The best I could do with our plan was about 20%/30% so you are spending a decent chunk of time actually doing stuff!

Good luck, and have fun!

Ha! Missed the date on the plan. :rofl:

A couple of questions:

  1. What speed did you set your walking pace to? With a stroller & young kids I always do “very relaxed” to build in extra time.
  2. Is your 2yo going to make it that late realistically? What are your plans for the next morning?

-7am EMH are magical. I wouldn’t “waste” half of that at a breakfast ADR. I would either drop it or try to move it later in the morning as a late breakfast or lunch.
-I see a 4 hour break, but I think you’ve got too much crammed in to the time frame. If you plan to eat lunch during your break I would allow at least another 60 minutes. Otherwise you’re going to feel rushed.
-You’re currently lining up for fireworks only 20 minutes prior. If you want to find a spot that allows a good view of the castle projections I would plan to arrive 60 minutes prior. It’s a really beautiful show & worth it IMO!
-Without a FP for SDMT, I would try to ride in the first hour if you can. I think your wait will be shorter. Just keep an eye on MDE.
-I would swap out your Magic Carpet FP for something else like Haunted Mansion or Meet Mickey (depending on availability).
-You’re wandering around a lot in the evening. I would consider trying to group each land’s activities together more to minimize walking.

My overall advice for traveling with a 2 year old is just to be as flexible as possible. Don’t stress & try to go with the flow. If your child needs some space to play for a bit, the area outside Splash Mountain is great. My kids also love to play in the little house outside Pooh.

Have fun!