Touring plan for Kennedy space center?

Would love any suggestions for what to do and the right order to do it. I’ll have two teenagers and four adults. :slight_smile:

I’ve got the really old book with a touring plan. I can take a screen shot later but I’m sure there’s new stuff. But I’ve noticed their website also allows you to make a touring plan.

All I know is to allow yourself lots of time, like the whole day, to see everything. Just a few years ago, DH and I were there 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and wished we could have stayed longer - but we like science and tech, and were about 6 years old when the first astronauts went into orbit.

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Ditto. Astronaut was my childhood dream. I loved our Texas NASA.


Just got home from Spidey. There is not TP in the Beyond Disney book. But check out the NASA KSC website because I’ve made touring plans there before. You can take one of their suggested ones or select which attractions you want to see and it’ll make one with those.

Yes, this ^^^^^^

They have a really good feature to plan your day.

You can either put in a length of time and they’ll suggest what you do. Or you can pick a number of things you want to do and they’ll estimate how long it will take.

My advice is to look at what there is and work out what your priority is. Do you want to look at the history of NASA, from Mercury through to the Shuttle, or do you want to focus on exploring the future, like the Mission to Mars exhibit?

This is what I would prioritise:

The old “Astronaut Hall of Fame” is now in a super new building, along with the history of those missions and fun interactive bits about “do you have the right stuff”? It starts with a beautiful montage that you watch and then make your way round.

Take a walk around the Rocket Garden.

The Space Shuttle Atlantis - the queue can take a while but it really needs to be a must-do.

Now you have some big decisions to make!

To see the Saturn 5 requires a coach ride there and back. With the exhibits, including a mock-up of mission control, you probably need to allow 3 hours. That’s a big chunk of time, and if you do it there will be less time for everything else. But if this is the first visit then it’s a must-do for most.

For me, things like the IMAX, the Space Shuttle Experience (simulator), the Mars exhibits etc are nice-to-do but maybe on a second visit. For others though the future is more relevant than the past, especially for the teens.

If you can, take a few minutes at the Memorial. It is quite stunning, and poignant.