Touring plan for group doing a few different attractions

I will be traveling to WDW with my MIL, DH, and two young kiddos. We’ll be doing most rides/shows/etc together, but occasionally DH and I will be doing some more adventurous rides while my MIL does some more kid friendly rides with our little guys. Is there a way to represent that in the customized touring plans? For example, when I include both the Boneyard and Dinosaur in the plan it treats them as concurrent attractions, but DH and I will be doing Dinosaur while the kids are at the Boneyard with Grandma.

I’d leave dinosaur in the plan so you’ve got the timing right, add a note to it too say grandma is at the boneyard, delete boneyard as an attraction, then add maybe a 10 minute break? to go collect them again after dinosaur.

I’m not sure how far away it is having never been so not sure how long the break should be

You could produce 2 separate plans, but I’d say your best bet is to put the attraction with the longest wait in the plan, and add a note to say the other group is doing X at that time.

I agree with only putting one attraction in the plan. I did the same last year, and will be doing it again in Dec. There are a few rides my neice is still too short for, so while I take my nephew on Space Mountain for example, my mom will take my neice to meet a character or ride another ride. I just make a note on the plan “mom and Bella meet Rapunzel” as a reminder.

I guess it’s kind of changing the subject a bit. But I’ve also used this technique for child switch passes.

For example: If myself & older child go on say EE, we get an anytime return pass for the other 2 adults b/c 1 child too young to ride.

I put a note on customized plan, that we will have anytime return pass. Then later , usually evening, the other 3 can return to the ride. & will be able to use the fpp line.

I should correct^, and say that on the return child swap pass, up to 3 ppl can use. So the older child gets to ride Everest an additional time.

Thank you guys for the tips! I’ll just put one attraction in.