Touring Plan for Epcot

Hi you all,

I am looking for a good touring plan for our Epcot day, the 31st of October.
At the moment the Personalized option isn’t working for me, so I hoped you could help me out…

We would like to do all the main rides except for Frozen Ever After (the wait not worth for us since we aren’t Frozen fans) and Turtle Talk (not appealing to us). We also aren’t interested in Character meetings.
We also would like to have finished the main rides before exploring World Showcase.

Tomorrow I can pick Fast Pass selections, which rides should I pick? Either Soarin’ or TT is obvious, but what should be my other 2 picks from Tier 2?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Loving the site and forum so far

If you don’t want FEA I would used a FPP on TT and RD Soarin

Thanks for your reply.
Since we aren’t willing to use single liner on TT it is maybe a good idea to use a FPP on TT, indeed.

And what should be my other picks apart from TT?

Mission space and spaceship earth is what we like for tier 2