Touring plan for Epcot with PPO reservation at Garden Grill and a personalized touring plan

I have an 8 am PPO Garden Grill reservation at Epcot on Sunday, November 27. I am hoping to be done and in line for Soarin at 8:45. When I plug Soarin in as my first ride in the touring plan it gives me a 46 minute wait even with an 8:45 arrival at the ride. I am hoping this won’t be the case and am wondering if there is any way to remove the wait in the plan as it sort of messes with the rest of the day. Any thoughts or help is greatly appreciated!

I would start my plan at 9:15- 9:30, skipping Soarin in the plan. In other words, just start you plan after that first step.

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Oh, that makes sense! Thank you!

Or, leave everything as is and just do Soarin at 9, mark it as done in Lines, reoptimize and go from there…

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I just Add a Break labeled as “Soarin” with enough time for the ride, the walk, and a little cushion.

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I’ll be interested to hear how this plan works out for you. I recently heard that some folks who had an 8:05 Garden Grill PPO reservation were able to meet the characters, eat, and then ride Soarin before park opening. We have a 8:10 PPO reservation there in December and I’m hoping for some of the same magic! If nothing else, hoping to ride Soarin at opening and then make it over to Test Track for a reasonable wait time before using a Fast Pass for Frozen Ever After.

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I’ll be giving this a go next week and will try to remember to update you. :slight_smile: 8:05 GG ADR on 7/29. Plan to hit soarin as soon as I can after.


I would be interested to see how this works for you! I have an 805 GG for Oct 15 and was hoping to do the same.

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I’m interested as well, let us know how it goes. And have fun!!

Will do. You might need to remind me. Feel free to tag me after the 29th and ask for an update, haha.

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@lawmandy…would you mind sharing your touring plan or sharing what the second ride you are going to try for will be? I’m thinking we will do Soarin and then rush to Test Track to try and ride it without a Fast Pass so we can save our Fast Pass for Frozen Ever After. Just curious as to what someone else is planning for that morning.


We are only doing FW on this day, and will hit WS another day later in the trip, so I didn’t need to worry about FEA this day.

This is my plan, too! Garden Grill, Soarin, and then Test Track. Hoping for a FEA Fastpass+ later in the day.

ok, 8:10 ADR breakfast at GG, we were seated right away, saw all characters, some twice, had plenty of time to eat, and left at about 8:45. headed downstairs, walked onto Soarin at 8:55. no wait, other than waiting to open the doors. kids and husband were all very impressed with both breakfast and ride, and therefore with me. I am a hero, lol!


@lawmandy - VICTORY!!! Thank you for letting us know how smoothly everything went. I’m really curious…after Soarin, where did you head next and what was the crowd like?

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we went over and walked onto living with the land, decided to skip circle of life, and went onto to figment, also a walkon. It was about 10am by then.

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Right now I don’t have figment in my plans. Would you recommend it?

It was air conditioned, had no wait, and it’s a ride. It wasn’t awesome, but it was a pleasant diversion in the cool. the ride drops out in an interactive area the kids really enjoyed, so if there’s no wait, I’d do it.

That is so great to hear! And thank you for all the great info.

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Related question to this topic. If I have a 8:55 AM reservation at Garden Grill, can I ride Soarin before breakfast? Just go early and queue for Soarin or check in at restaurant and let them know plans?