Touring Plan for emh at Magic Kingdom

I have been working very hard on touring plans. This one, Plan your next adventure! is for our 1st of 3 days at MK on May 28th with early hours. Boys ages 7 & 9, husband, and self. Crowd level of 6.

If anyone is bored…does it look like it will work? This will be the first time to use FPP. I am open to any suggestions and I have 2.5 months before I have to book fpp. Thanks!!!

Good evening Deanna.

The link you posted is just to the main site - so it brings me back to my dashboard. The link you need will have a number after it - about 6 digits - something like: Disney World Touring Plans

Did you look at @brklinck’s post on how to get the most out of Touring plans and FPP? Here’s the link.

I’ll be on tonight for about another 1/2 hour, but if you post your plan I will try to look at it either tonight or tomorrow.

Oops here it is.

Oops. It tells me I don’t have access to that plan. I knew I was forgetting something. If you go back into your plan, and “edit” the basic info, on the bottom left corner of the pop up box will be a check box that says “publish this plan” which will allow other to view - but not edit - the plan.

The checkmark was in the box and it says it has been published. I’m trying to copy it again by copying shortcut:

There we go! I can see it now. I’m getting a bit tired, so I’ll take a closer look at it tomorrow when I’m fresh.

One thing I did notice was that you have 5 FP+ scheduled. Currently, you can only pre-book 3 and then after those are used you can go to an in-park kiosk to book something else, if it’s available. So what are your top 3 preferences - in order? We’ll work from that, and any extra you get is a bonus.

The last 2 fpp that are scheduled are hopefully going to be number 4 and 5 after I have used the first 3. Although they may be gone already but want to check in the park before we leave for break/swimming and get if available.

So your priority is Splash, Seven dwarfs and Space in that order? Or do you have a different priority?

Let’s work the plan without those extra 2, then if you get them you can re-optimize in the park to adjust the plan for the happy bonus

It looks good to me! @Agent_C gives good advice, so you’re in good hands. :smile:

Do you have another day in MK for things like the Haunted Mansion?

Yes this is day 1 out of 3.5 days at MK.

OK, I’m back.

First, looking at your plan, it’s a good one.

I have two concerns about it:

  1. You have listed a 5 minute time for meeting Snow White. From experience (DD8 is a huge fan) it’s more like 30 minutes, with the line. Now since it’s right before your break, it doesn’t really affect your touring plan, but it might cut into your break a little. Just FYI.
  2. More importantly, you are relying on 2 extra FP+, which may or may not be available. If they are not, it could boost your wait time significantly.

I’ve taken your same rides and run them through the optimizer following @brklinck’s FP+ optimization procedure, then adjusted slightly (switched Country Bears and Snow White, since the program doesn’t know where Snow White is, and backtracking is silly.) I also only used 3 FP+.

Doing it this way your total time is down 12 minutes, 7 of which is waiting in line - so not much of a difference. However, it cut your walking by 30 minutes, which then got dumped into free time - maybe for a little souvenir shopping? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s a link to the plan.

So it you’re willing to possibly forgo those rides if FP+ aren’t available and the wait times are crazy, you could use either plan. Since you have 3.5 days there you could do those another day.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have further questions, if if I can help in anyway.

Where is Snow White? Is she at the Town Square exit? My boys could care less about seeing Snow White, but I thought it would make a cute picture for me! lol

I click on the link above it says I do not have access to it. Thanks so much for your help! I’m just glad to see that my tp isn’t too far off!!

Here’s another MK day using early hours. I am trying to save the fpp for the afternoon to use at another park. Does this look doable? Personalized Touring Plans

Yes, Snow White is near the Town Square exit. My plan had you go to her, then Country Bears, then exit — silly.

Try the plan again. It was marked publish, but there may be a lag in when you mark it publish to when it’s available - kind of like what happened to your, when I couldn’t see it, then I could.

If not, try this link.

Yes, this plan looks doable – and very efficient. :smiley: