Touring plan for ak

So I am trying to figure out touring plans to get an idea of what fast passes to try for. I stink at this!! Can I have advice/tips based on this plan? I did optimize and for some reason it keeps ended the day at 5 and saying I might not have enough time. However, the park is open till 7 so not sure why everything can’t be pushed back longer.

Any advice is great. BTW two daughters 6 and 4. going in early jan.

  1. Is it saying you might not have enough time, or that “this plan has you arriving at meals or attractions a little later than you’d prefer” (or something to that effect)? If the first, are there attractions not listed that you plan to get to? If the second, it may very well be triggered to do so by your very first step, in which you have TH for 8:00 but will arrive there at 8:09 because of the time from park entrance to restaurant. If it’s just saying not enough time, then I would email the link to the admins for help because you have 2 hours left before park closes.

As to which FPP to get, it looks like your crowd level and wait times are insanely low, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. That said, it does look like your longest wait is Dinosaur so I’d grab that for sure.

As to Kali River Rapids - if you haven’t been on it, you should know that you WILL get wet on this ride and a good many of you may well get soaked. The weather being so variable in January with regard to temperatures I would consider skipping this one myself. Brrr!

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Oh, and if you want to spread the day out more, you could schedule some breaks. Otherwise the plan is going to work itself out to be the most efficient use of your time and will end earlier if that’s how it works out.

Can you add the tree awaking or more time to the trails?

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It looks good, it all fits and you’re not hopping all over the place. Maybe you could book a safari FPP for 5/6ish just in case you want to ride again, Dino as OBNurse suggests, and rapids as your last ride. You aren’t interested in Everest? are you planning to see ROL if it’s showing by then, that would be a good use of a FPP.

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I think my girls will be to short and to scared for Everest. For some reason I had it in my head that tree of life wasn’t available in October. I will add it now. Didn’t realize the rapids get u so wet. Good to know!!

Rapids got us soaked like jumping in a pool. :smile:

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Speaking of AK and TPs, I heard that DINOSAUR refurb has been extended, but it is still showing up in my TP as available (but it won’t be) It’s also letting me add it as an attraction. What’s up with that?

So, at that age they might enjoy riding the train to Raffiki’s planet watch, even though the stuff over there (petting zoo, mostly) is pretty blah to me. The train ride is fun.

I would also expect that they might want to do the carnival-type games in the dinoland area near the boneyard, and that they might spend upwards of 45 minutes in the boneyard, it was a big hit with my DS of similar age.

FWIW, even if Dinosaur is available, it may be too intense for that age group. My DS6 was very scared by it.

If the feet will hold up to all the walking, you might enjoy the Gorilla Falls trail after the safari ride.

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@bethro23 when are you going? I heard it won’t open in October but should in November.

We are going in October and I now know it won’t be open. Was just surprised that TP is still allowing me to include it in my plans