Touring plan for AK EMH

I am trying to figure out how to plan our day at AK with 8 am opening. I hear the rope drop can be earlier 30 mins and you should get there 90 mins early to get in line for FOP. We were very lucky and got fast passes for FOP but not till 7pm. So if we use WDW buses the earliest we can get there is 7:30 I believe, is it worth it to get there early since I also have Safari and Everest passes around 9 and 10 am? i would like to see Navi River, some shows and Divine but always miss her😞
Thanks for your help!


That’s a long day from RD until 7pm. I would be keeping my finger on the modify button.

I am going to AK for the EMH at 8AM, but not getting there ‘early’ probably around 7:45 or so.
Going to Navi NOT FOP. I have been told by several reliable sources on these boards :slight_smile: that pretty much all the RD crowd is going to FOP so I should be able to stroll over to Pandora and get right on Navi.
I have a FPP for 10 - which does work out well too


This is also my plan … I’m spending 3 days in total in AK and fastpassing FOP each time with the hope of very little wait in EMH for Na’vi at rope drop

We did an AK RD on 8/17. Got there a little under an hour before on a non-EMH day and rode both FOP and NJR before 9:10.

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The wait time for NRJ should be low at rope drop, so long as the ride is open! On our AK day it was experiencing technical difficulties for a good chunk of the morning. We wound up riding after lunch when it came back online for the second time. Ended up spending more than half an hour in line. (Though the wait time was listed as ten minutes!) :rage:

Ouch !

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Hi all! Thought I’d share how our day at AK went in early Sept. We made it out of POP and in the bus line by 7:30 am. However while on the bus my DH discovered his magic band was missing! So while everyone was going to Pandora, we went to customer service and patiently waited until our turn to get a card so he could get in the parks and on his FP rides. We finished and got into AK at 8:45, and got on Navi ride after only waiting 30 mins. I loved it! FOP was over 2 hr wait. Luckily we had a FP for FOP at 7 pm so we enjoyed the park and rode later. We got to see Pandora at night , then the Tree Awakening and Rivers of Light too. We had a ticket for special seating for ROL from Tusker House which was a good deal!

For our EMH at 8 am, I would like to do the safaris- do they run that early? I have a FP for 9 but if we can get on early w/out a wait, I’d like to modify the 9am to another KS at dusk. I’m planning on spending the first hour either doing KS then Gorilla Falls or vice versa if KS isn’t open. We have FP+ for all the other rides we want to do, so I’m thinking it’d be nice to enjoy the animals before the trail gets crowded. Also wondering if we can get started on Wilderness Explorers early (ie pre 9 am)?

I’ve heard conflicting reports about whether or not KS is open for EMH. I think it is some of the time but not always. And it may open during EMH but not right at 8 o’clock. I am pretty sure that the Gorilla Trail doesn’t open before 9 am.

Don’t know if KS is open during EMH but hopefully not a long wait if you get there first thing at park opening.

According to TP, KS and GF are open for morning EMH.

When we were there in May, I think they had additional EMH besides the usual Monday and Saturday versions. During these extra days with early openings, KS and the trails opened at 9. I don’t think they are doing these anymore, so the above list is open during regular EMH.