Touring Plan For 2-Park Trip to Universal Studios Resort?

We have purchased one day, 2-park tickets so we can access both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.

Are there any touring plans that describe accessing both of these parks in one day? Is it possible to generate a custom plan that accesses both parks?

We know the rides we want to take at both parks but would like guidance (i.e., touring plan) on the order we should do them. We have also purchased their Unlimited Express passes.


You can only do a plan for one park. You’d need to do 2 separate plans to do 2 on the same day, and align the start/end times.

I think you will find that a touring plan isn’t really necessary at Universal. Despite having created one for our trip, it didn’t take long before I abandoned it. Not only were the wait times off by a lot, we just didn’t find any need for it.

It is still, perhaps, worth the exercise of creating one just to sort of familiarize yourself with things ahead of time if you’ve never been.

My personal recommendation? Arrive at RD and head straight to Diagon Alley (do not pass Go, do not collect $200). Do what you want there, then hop on Hogwarts Express over to Hogsmeade to do that. Then, take a tour around IOA (I recommend heading RIGHT out of Hogsmeade, toward Jurassic Park, etc. if your kids (?) are older or have no kids, or head LEFT if you have young kids). After you come back around, head back over on the Hogwarts Express and then hit up the rides/attractions at Universal you wish to do.

Unfortunately, as @missoverexcited said, you can only do one park in a plan. Since you will only be there one day, I would definitely create touring plans, even if you don’t strictly follow them. They do a pretty good job, in my opinion, of showing where the general traffic is at which times of day. Generate the plans and look them over. If the order of the steps make sense to you, follow along with it. If not, at least you know the general areas that are best to be in at each time.

I will add that if you plan on doing Despicable Me, that ride is best done first thing in the morning, even before Diagon Alley. You can hit Diagon Alley after Despicable Me and it should still be very manageable. But the wait for Despicable Me will continue to climb throughout the day and is generally never shorter than first thing in the morning.