Touring Plan Estimate vs Reality

Hello all, I have created a very solid 5 day plan for the first week of December. It took a lot of trial and error to incorporate park hopping and maxpass, in order to plan on getting fast passes during afternoon rest times, but it ended up being a work of art in my opinion.

My question is whether in your experience, have you found your plans to be anywhere near what you were able to accomplish? I don’t plan on being militant about following the plan exactly, but at least want a general idea of which park and where we are going to start and finish each day. I’ve tried to pad it with lots of breaks and make it as realistic as possible, but I’m finding it hard to believe that we’ll be able to get 22-27 attractions per day done, considering we’ll be taking off site breaks and never plan to be at the park past 8 pm, except for possibly WoC and fireworks.

Regardless, I find touring plans extremely useful, and really wish I had found this for our trip 2 years ago, but just looking to make realistic expectations.


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I think after Galaxies Edge (Star Wars land) opens up, who knows what it will look like. I think it will turn the plans on their head. Since they use historical data, once the new land opens, all of that data will change. Traffic will be directed differently. I remember when Cars Land opened it changed things quite a bit and the plans never really recovered.

Since you are staying for 5 days, I anticipate that you will be able to go to all of the attractions. DCA can easily be done in a day with planning. DL though will be different. I would watch the crowds and wait times leading up to the trip using the DL app.

Also, if you are using MP you absolutely can get a lot done, even with high crowds.

Yes, Galaxy’s Edge is the big question mark. Very excited to see it, but sort of wish it opened after my trip. I’m assuming touring plans will be fine tuned after gathering more data after it opens.
With 5 days I’m not worried about doing everything, but was moreso wondering if people found they were actually accomplishing as much as the plans said they could. Ultimately, I’d be happy doing 2/3 of what my current plan says is possible.

Thanks for the input. Cheers!

Under normal circumstances, I’d say you can really expect to get 20+ attractions in a day with very careful planning. The data is very good and usually not off by more than 5 minutes +/-. After a few years of planning it all out, it seems to me that the name of the game is flexibility. Go with a plan in mind, and take the Lines app with you into the park so you can refresh your plan as the day goes to get a realistic idea of wait times.

Unfortunately, these are not normal circumstances, as has already been stated. It took months for plans to normalize after Cars Land, and DCA can still be WAY off every once in a while. You’ll still have a great time ('cause you’re in DISNEYLAND!!!), but I would definitely prepare for things to go off the rails at some point during each day.

Having said that, MaxPass will save your life. I used it for the first time last year and it changed the way I work the park–we were able to be more fluid as unexpected things happened (really long wait times, rides down, etc.). I don’t care how much they end up charging for it, I’m sold.