Touring plan doesn’t optimize SDMT

When I optimize a custom plan it moves SDMT to later in the morning? Why does it do this when we know the lines grow longer throughout the day.

This is on a crowd level day of 2. I have the plan set to begin 30 min before park opening as we plan to arrive driving in at the toll booths 60 min before publish open time.

I’m trying to find the thread, but I know someone else’s plan had them waiting for later in the morning/afternoon for SDMT and the wait was much shorter than posted time was. I hope whoever that was can come in and clarify, but I wanted to make sure you had some sort of answer.

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This was within the last week or so.

I have also heard that the predictions are off (elevated) at rope drop, especially if you are in the first crowd to enter the park. Someone else can chime in here.

Something else to consider. Here is wait time data from yesterday for SDMT. The reported waits by users are the green dots, which got lower as the day went on. And you can see that TP predicts an initial bump at opening, not sure how accurate that actually was.

Magic Kingdom was a crowd level 2 yesterday. Also, you can start your Touring Plans 45 minutes before opening time now. But, if you are driving it may be unrealistic to be entering the gates that early. The on-site guests will probably get the lead, although I haven’t been following the latest transportation reports for MK.

Not an expert but would it have to do with total wait time being less even if SDMT was a longer wait?


Optimize will optimize total wait time across all rides, not get you the shortest wait for any specific ride.

So when it moves SMDT later, it might have a longer wait time for that ride, but it is because it gives you shorter wait times for other rides that save more time. If you move SDMT early, you MAY end up with a shorter wait for it specifically, but the waits for the other rides will go up.

Also, do keep in mind that you only get a short wait at RD for a ride if you are ahead of everyone else who is also RDing. On average, half of the people who RD will end up waiting a long time still because of the other half who were also RDing ahead of the.


Ryan pretty much nailed it in the last post. I’m going to add that queues for 7DMT are pretty consistent throughout the day.

So, TP is saying, “7DMT will usually be 50 minutes all day, even at the start, but these other rides definitely have shorter queues at RD / early morning”

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Sounds to me like TP needs to add a “Maximum wait tolerance” option.
So if you think your party can only endure 30 minute waiting for anything, it would optimize accordingly and/or red flag attractions that will exceed your tolerance

Of course, there should be an option for those who don’t care how long they wait


My family would absolutely do this. 15 mins is their max.

I try not to roll my eyes as I tell them about how back in my day, you couldn’t get on Space Mountain under a 3 hour wait. BEFORE PHONES!

The horror. I know.

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