Touring Plan Day with Universal and Islands possible?

Is it possible to do a touring plan day with both Universal and Islands?

You’d need 2 plans, just as you would if you park hopped at Disney. The parks are right next door to each other so there’s not much travel time to include, and if you’re using Hogwarts Express to hop the plan will work out what time you’ll arrive in the other park so it’s super easy to start your next plan at that time.

We have 2 days at Universal…Would you recommend park hopping back and forth both days?
Seems like most stuff is in Universal side.

It really depends what you want to do. We’re not big into hopping, we usually stay in one park for the full day.

It really depends on whether you want to ride the Hogwarts Express; you need a park hopper to do that. It’s different for both directions.

Also, if you want to one day of all the Harry Potter attractions, which is how I would prefer to do it. Actually we only did HP, plus ET right at the beginning.