Touring Plan Cutting It To Close?

I have a fastpass scheduled from 10:10 to 11:10 but the system is having me arrive at 11:25 for that attraction. While I understand you can still use a fastpass 15 minutes late isnt that cutting it a little close? In addition one of the rides before is Buzz Lightyear space ranger spin and it is only accounting for a 12 minute wait which without a fastpass seems like wishful thinking. What happens if the estimations are off and we have to wait a few extra minutes, do we just lose the fastpass? Is this common place with these touring plans? Here is the link if this helps.

First, I would make sure that I entered the Fastpass times correctly, then I would optimize several times. If neither of those worked I would create another TP with different name. If all fails email TP webmaster. Sorry I don’t have that address hopefully a liner will come along and provide. Good Luck. PS while I have never ridden Dumbo from all reports it is a slow loader I would question that wait unless crowd level is very low

1 Like is the email. Be sure to include the link to your TP.