Touring plan/crowd change?

Quick question. I made all my touring plans and then the crowd calendar changed - yet none of my wait changes in touring plans changed. Even after I “evaluated” again still no change. Am I doing something wrong?

As far as I know the wait time numbers have not yet been adjusted to reflect the CL changes - there was going to be an announcement when this happened. @len - any updates here?

They are done:

Ah - missed that post - thanks!

I just reevaluated all my touring plans. Even though the new crowd level went up from 5 to 7, or from 6 to 8 the wait times either did not change or went up by a total of 5 minutes per day.
On the day where the crowd level went down from 5 to 4 the wait time reduced by 3 minutes.
Does this make sense?

Yes, that makes sense. There was an article in the TP blog that took a plan and optimized it for different CL days from 1 to 10. There really wasn’t that much of a difference in the overall wait times until you hit 9 and 10.

Also, your plan may not be too “crowd sensitive”, in that you may have a lot of high-capacity attractions that never build up too much of a queue.


@Alonaynat - It’s entirely possible, yes.

@brklinck - thanks for responding.