Touring plan arrival time

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When using touring plans and I select arrival time, I am assuming it means the start time once you make it through security and can begin to walk to your first attraction. Is that a good assumption?

Also, How long should I account for going through security in mid-January?



Start time is generally when you pass through the tapstiles to enter the park. Not sure how long it will take you to get through security to get to them.

I think you are right. It seems to be the average time it takes to walk to the attraction after actually getting into the park (after the tapstyles and security).

The walk times & corresponding distances between attractions seem to bear that out. For instance, with a 9 am start at MK, my TP has me arriving at JC at 9:10 am. Later on, the time from Splash to HM is a little shorter, at 8 minutes, but the walk is proportionally shorter, too.

However, I think that if you did rope drop and were near the front, it would be less time than what is shown on the touring plan- or at least you’d get to your first attraction earlier than the plan says.

Yes, this is correct. The initial times are based on the average WDW guest who is not at the front of the line - Liners, who are there early, know where they are going, and Walk With Purpose will always beat these times. :slight_smile:


This is our first trip, so I can’t speak from experience, but I asked the TP team this question for one of their fb live videos and they recommended saving 45 minutes for MK to park, do security at TTC, and monorail to tapstiles. A little bit less for the other parks. Fortunately, we will not be rushing to the hot ticket item at RD until our last day, so I am ok with arriving towards the end of the RD group if we misjudge the time or run late the first few days. Hope that helps!

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Thanks! Not planning on rope drop but considering I made it a 9 am start time (park open time), that puts me still arriving at rope drop… I’ll hang back :slight_smile:


That’s what we plan to do most days too. By our estimates we’re planning to arrive at MK at 8:15, so we can take some photos, get our first visit button, etc. before park open. If our estimates are off, we should still arrive before park opening, so we don’t miss out on any touring time.