Touring plan approach

We have 2 days 2 park ticket, and we are mom, dad and a 4 years old girl. Based on crowds calendar we decided to visit the parks on father’s day, which is forecasted a less crowd level, and then another day (maybe 2 or 3 days after, since we will planned to visit animal kingdom and a water park in the middle) which is a 10 level crowd forecast.
We are wondering how to approach our touring plan. We are Harry Potters fan, but we also want to ride some big coaster as single riders swapping the baby. Would you suggest to start with the 1 day highligts plan for both parks (maybe personalized a bit), so we can see everything important in a less crowded day and then leave the second day to ride what we are not able to do before, or do you suggest to follow the 2 days/2 parks plan for adults?
Thank you!


I think I’d try to get the most important attractions done on day one, or as many of them as you are able. On your second day get whatever you missed from your wish list, and spend the remainder of the day enjoying the rest.

Enjoy your trip!

Yep, so your tip is to follow the 1day/2parks plan and then see?

Actually, I’d customize a plan using the website. Day one with lower crowds should include your top priorities, and day 2 should include any attractions you missed.

If you have trouble making your custom plans just ask :slight_smile:

I’ll do that way. Thank you for your support!

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Totally welcome :slight_smile: it’s what we do.