Touring plan AK morning with Hopping?

Due to Irma our vacation moved to next week Sept 30th-Oct 6th. We also got a couple Anytime Fast passes due to the reschedule. Now I am trying to figure out AK morning. This is what I have:
Anytime FastPass for Navi River
FOP 10am-11am
EE 11am-12am
Safari 12:55pm-1:55pm

Should I Rope drop and go to Dinoland, EE, then Safari or hit Safari 1st then EE and Dinoland
I really do not like that 1255pm Safari Fastpass So i will probably Modify it to something else

Where are you hopping to? If you really don’t want to do Safari at that time, then take advantage of the “up to 3” trick and cancel that Safari.

Head straight for Safari first, then over to Pandora. Use the anytime fp for River then do FoP. As soon as you tap in for FoP you can make that third fastpass in your second park. Finish off with whatever you want to do in AK after your EE fp, and then head over to the second park.

You will have an fp ready, so depending on time do a couple of walk ons and then head to the fp.

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I agree! Do not get stuck thinking you need to use all three FPs in AK!

The teens (15, 17 and 19) will head to Hollywood studios Dh and I will head to Epcot F&W.

So Safari 1st at Rope drop?

I could move EE to earlier as well.
Start at Safari then go to EE and Dinosaur then go into Pandora and do FOP and Navi.
So maybe something like this:
9am RD Safari standby
930 EE FP
10 Dino standby
1030 FOP FP
11 Navi anytime FP

Just as long as you make that FoP!

But yes, that would work if you can switch things around.

And remember, as soon as you tap in for the first FP, you can go on and book your 3rd at another park. At that time you should be able to get another tier 1 if you’re prepared to wait a bit and do other stuff first. So your teens could go for TSMM or even RnR if they’re lucky, you could almost certainly get Soarin.

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Doesn’t he have to use the second one before he can book in another park? I’m still figuring this FPP trick out.

No, just one. You are entitled to an initial 3. Only you can only book them in one park in advance. As soon as you tap in, you are I guess “not in advance”, and can therefore complete your booking of your initial 3 fastpasses.

And these can be anywhere. If you only pre-booked FoP, you could then book TSMM and Soarin. 3 tier1s in one day!

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Okay, that’s what I thought. I was just confused because PP had a FPP for EE too. But now I see it’s before FOP anyway! Thanks for the reply!