Touring MK by land or whole park

Hi liners,

I am planning 3 days at MK for a 10d trip. Thoughts on breaking up the TP. Lots of ways to slice/dice. The overall gist of the plans fall into 2 options.

Option 1:
day 1: major attractions + some shows across ALL lands
day 2: lesser rides + finish off shows and diversions
day 3: fave

Option 2:
day 1: tomorrowland + fantasyland - “do everything”, drift into other lands if time allows
day 2: adventureland, frontierland, TSL, liberty sq
day 3: faves

Any thoughts, inputs about doing entire lands on a given day versus doing a bit in each land per day? In the end, both TPs will be enjoyable, just looking for things I might no have considered.

Option 2 will work better for you since you are limited to 3 FPs a day and so will need to spread out your headliners across multiple days to best make use of those.

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I am a big fan of splitting MK in 2 to avoid exhaustion and wasting time from too much walking.


not sure i understand which option you are leaning to. I am guessing tour by doing complete land?

Yeah sorry, that wasn’t clear at all LOL

Option 2 is pretty much exactly what we do. :wink:

We are doing three days also and I have broken our plans up by “lands”. Really ours are broken up by the “plans” we have been doing for decades of DLR visits. :grin: So, this trip we are starting clockwise - Adventureland, Frontierland and LS on Day 1; Fantasyland on Day 2 and Tomorrowland/ Fantasyland on Day 3.
I try to keep the running back and forth across the park to a minimum because of my DiL’s bad knee.

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We basically did something similar to your option 2. Worked well I thought. But be open to zigging and zagging if you can pick up some good same day FPP. If you don’t mind walking it’s fairly quick to move around the various lands.

Last year we did MK on 3 separate days by splitting the lands. The way we divided, we really only needed a half day for each area. By rope dropping MK every time, we were able to get to most all of the headliners with no FP needed. This allowed us to use our Park Hopper and jump over to the other parks in the afternoons, where we used our FP. Our plan was one day at the entire west side of park (Frontierland, Adventureland, etc). Second day was Fantasyland. And third day was Tomorrowland.