Touring each country in 10 minutes?

Surely there is a way to change how much time I want to spend in each country in order to make my touring plan more accurate. Especially during the peak week we will be there.

Can you all help me out? What suggestions do you have? I’m planning for a party of 10 during Christmas, and I’m positive we will spend a lot more time in each country.


I would set aside a block of time you plan to spend in ws and then add it as one big chunk as a break. You’ll end up spending a different amount of time in each country.


Someone here suggested that I add the country multiple times using the add attraction button. This let me add more time for each country, and add in the activities in the countries that have them, plus schedule in my meal where I wanted it. It makes the list long, but it makes sense to me. I’m planning on 30 minutes per country, so each country has three entries. This will give us time to play the Agent P game, and a few minutes to explore on our own too. If the country has a movie or show, I have added that separately.

I hope this helps!


I just added each country twice. @len has mentioned that having user-defined times for attractions like the WS pavilions is in the works.

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Brad’s working on this before the end of the year. We spent yesterday walking through how to incorporate this into the desktop and mobile UI.

From an Optimizer perspective, nothing should have to change. So it should be fairly straightforward.


Thanks all! The reason I got touring plans was to keep the group happy, but I know our days will be slower at times. Our Epcot day doesn’t look so hot from a “ease to follow” perspective. I’ll evaluate then have to write it out for the members of our party. Yuck, but that’s ok. I won’t have access to a printer at the park and they won’t understand how I will build in time.

Also, during Christmas week, the program keeps “dropping” my fastpasses and if I hit optimize has our family of 10 weaving throughout the park. I don’t want to do either. Finding FPP for our party was not super easy, and you get what you get sometimes. I’m continuing to tweak our times as MDE allows, but it’s not easy 12/20 through 12/27 with a party of 10. I’m not computer illiterate, but this program has me extremely frustrated at this point. I want to “lock” my FPP into the plan and work around that regardless of if we can wait 5 minutes less if I have the 10 of us trek across a park and back earlier in the day. Does that make sense? Is there a way I can do that?

I try to keep the crisscrossing to a minimum with the kids. Did you select the option to minimize walking and relaxed walking speed at the top?

Yes, thank you! I have it on relaxed and balanced. Until I went to the forums last night I had completely scrapped using TP for help. Thought it was a waste of money. FPP has really changed things good, bad, or indifferent. These forums have helped, thank you!