Tour plans errors?

I’ve picked fast passes per touring plans on this site, but I’ve come across errors in several. Example, on leave it an afternoon and full day plan and it says to arrive at the park at 1pm but then do fast passes at 11:30 lol! I just planned 1pm and hoped for the best hahaha. Is there a place to notify someone on this?

You can email

But can you explain a bit more? I could understand it suggesting an FP time of 11:30 and an arrival time of noon, for example, since you have an hour (plus 15 minutes leeway) to use the FP.

But the 2 day TPS I just glanced at don’t give an actual arrival time, they just suggest FP times. So I’m not sure if there’s an explanation or a genuine error.

If you could publish the plans, it would be really helpful and we could probably advise you better.


I’m not sure how to publish the plans. For example, on the Epcot one day touring plan for parents with tweens, it suggests fast passes for Epcot Character Spot, Spaceship Earth, and Frozen, however you can’t get Character Spot and Frozen both since they are both Tier 1.

Also, the Epcot Parents Plan for One Afternoon and One Full Day says to get the first fast pass at 11:30am but to arrive at the back at 1pm to rent strollers etc.

I very well could not be understanding correctly, too! I just wanted to let someone know if it was an error, we all make them :grinning: These plans are a God send for planning our trip!

Character spot used to be tier 2 so that sounds like it hasn’t been updated. So you’re saying these are the preset plans and not personalised ones?

Ok I just looked. Yes it makes no sense to tell you to arrive at 1 but to get your first FP at 11.30. But to actually use the plan, you will copy it, decide what time you want to arrive and accordingly what time you need to book your first FP.

Yes we just adjusted for times we plan to arrive that day. I’ll send a note about the others the , so they can get updated!

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