Tour plan with split groups

My husband and I are spliting up at park for a couple of rides. He is taking older son on big rides, I am doing princess fast passes. The rest of the day we would like to be together. How do you do tour plans with split fast passes? It will only be two passes that are split and durning the same times. Just not sure how to put it together with customized plan.

it’s not really possible to put in a touring plan. You may want to try creating a plan with one set of fastpasses (utilizing the EVALUATE function once you have everything in place).

Then copy that plan and replace the attractions/fpps for the split. Finesse it a bit so that it works similar to the other plan. It won’t be exact, but it will give you a better idea of how things are affected.

Then, you could put it together in a spreadsheet or in a document for yourself.

you can just ADD A NOTE to the attraction/step where you will be splitting off, noting the split attractions and the fastpass times.

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We’re doing the same princess/rollercoaster split for a small part of the day. I’ve been creating one main plan, and then a second for the other group that covers just that time period. It might work better for us though because our split is first thing in the morning. I’m also identifying what we can do if one group is running a little ahead of the other, e.g., quick ride on the carousel for the princesses.

No reason you can’t generate multiple plans, e.g., one plan for early in the day together, two more for when your split up, and one more for when you’re back together. Just use the start/end times to make sure things fit in the correct windows.