Tour groups

The crowd levels of my dates of July 21-25 look pretty good right now! I just read in a couple Facebook pages that the 15s have arrived. Is there any way to find out if they are scheduled to stay at Pop during my stay? I’m mostly concerned about buses and the food court.

The resort has a set capacity, so it shouldn’t be any more crowded than any other time.

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They’ll be at the value resorts, guaranteed. Steel yourself and get up early. Also hope they’re nowhere near your room.


they were there when we were there at the end of January… we were never disrupted by them. they did congregate around the computer pool several times (lots of open area)… but we enjoyed watching! hoping for the best for you!

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What are the “15s”?

They are tour groups at WDW to celebrate their quinceanera (15th birthday). There are huge groups of them, often with very few parents.