Good morning! Any reason why all the morning ToT FPP are gone 60 days out??? Could only find 8:00 pm.

Kinda frustrating and quite unexpected!


There will be limited FPs available due to a refurbishment .

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Are you booking for 60 days out exactly? Other people will have been booking for that day for a couple of weeks now. And TOT is having a refurb so only half will be open, I’m not sure when that starts but it will have a big impact on how many FP are available.

Do we know how long the refurbishment will take? I just read the postings I could find and didn’t see a timetable.

when does the refurb start? is it taking place now?

I googled and can only find beginning in spring and continuing through summer.

I was up bright and early to book at 60 days out! (Only 2 days). Never even considered ToT wouldn’t have am times. Oh well!!

Not sure when they plan on starting the refurb, but as of the last several weeks the side they are going to work on goes down very often. I had 3 different FP when I was there in early Feb and all 3 went to anytime passes because of problems. Another time the FP wait was 40 minutes.

Yes, that is the best I can find too – thanks for checking! I am hoping it will be totally up – and improved, it sounds like! – for my W&D race weekend trip that starts Oct 31.

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They’re doing both sides, just only one side at a time.

I guess that is why they are not giving a completion date. It seemed when I was there last it was just the left side that went down, maybe that is just only when I noticed.

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Thanks for the head’s up! I didn’t realize it was scheduled for a refurb.