Topolino’s- help me out

I hear they did away with ordering extra entrees.
What if I finish my full entree? Can I order another? Can my kids order an adult entree? Can we ask for extra pastries (the ones they bring out to start your meal)? If no one knows, I’ll just ask the server, but I figured I’d try to get a head start. Thanks for your thoughts!

Not on your single prix fixe price. If you pony up the $$ for an additional adult prix fixe meal I am sure they will get you more food

No. Prix fixe locations are very strict about this. And, an adult could order a kids’ meal but it’s going to cost the adult price (as me how I know).

Possibly. This is the one I feel you’re most likely to be granted

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But they could order an adult entree if they pay an adult price, right?

Are they known for small servings or something? I’ve never been there. Now I’m curious about the question.

The servings are rather large. DD and I could not finish our meals.


Nope to ordering another entree but yes to getting more pastries. Recently I’ve had servers ask if we wanted a side (like sausage, bacon or potatoes) with our entrees.
I can’t imagine leaving there hungry. The portions are generous.


I assume that would be the case

This all makes a lot of sense. Thank you. I’m sure the limitation is to prevent all the “order every entree to take one bite of each.” I’m sure it cuts down on food waste significantly


We’ve asked for fruit instead of pastries and got generous servings of fruit. I can’t imagine leaving there hungry either.


Topolino’s was great. When you order your entree, you can ask for a side of bacon, sausage, fruit, or eggs. Asking for more pastries was no problem. And getting a box for uneaten food was no problem. But everything WAS eaten, except the kids Mickey waffle dippers, but what else is new, and we brought the Mickey waffles on the road with us. DH and I both got steak and eggs which were phenomenal. I probably won’t ever get something else again. They were the perfect fuel for a long drive home.