Topolino’s breakfast - will we have time?

Trying to book a “last experience of trip” Topolino’s character breakfast - I have a leading reservation so shouldn’t have a problem getting it, but I’m concerned about timing.

We have an 11 am flight out and are staying at Boardwalk. I’m thinking we would check out, Lyft over to Riviera, leave bags at bell, 7:30 ADR, and have car pick us up for airport by 9.

  1. Will Riviera let us leave bags at bell if we aren’t staying there?
  2. Think we can be through a character breakfast by 9 with a 7:30 ADR?
  3. Are we leaving ourselves enough time for getting to airport in time?

All suggestions welcome… if this won’t work we will do Ale & Compass for much less stress, but one member of my group is a first timer and I’d love to be able to get her this character meal (and it won’t work any other day of the trip for reasons…)

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  1. Yes
  2. Probably
  3. No, unless you have TSA pre and are not checking bags (which you are based on the rest)

It could take an hour to check bags at MCO. If your flight is at 11, and you are checking bags, you’ll need to be AT the airport by 9:00. I don’t think you have time to do Topolinos.

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Depending on when you are going, cape may cafe returns with character dining on October 4 - that might be easier than lyfting?

My recent experience with security in MCO has been hit or miss. I waited 30 min with precheck one visit and then 15 min without it on my next.

A note about bag check - if you are flying United, prepay for bag check, and use mobile boarding passes, they have a speedy bag drop off option.

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Of course, like anything else, it’s only super speedy until everyone else figures it out too. I used it at Christmas flying out of Newark and while it moved fairly quickly, the line was almost as long as the regular line to do it.

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Thanks all - we resigned to the fact of just doing a grab and go breakfast that day.

Going to be a great trip with lots of great dining already… just was trying selfishly to squeeze one more experience in.

I appreciate the input, consider the question answered!