Topilinos Change

Has anyone experienced this?

I had frequently heard that at Topolino’s that each person could order one entrée and a half portion of another breakfast dish.

I saw on (I think) Kenny the Pirate that after Feb 15th that the extra half portion was going to go away.

I feel like it is an expensive breakfast especially if you can order that fruit for the side etc.

I was thinking of doing Tusker House instead for supper so if this is true about Topolinos I think I will. I just don’t think Topolinos would be worth it.

Has anyone else heard this?

There was talk about it on chat, but I don’t think it’s been confirmed. The rumor is that it will stop at the end of the month. Kenny the Pirates post was from one person in their Facebook group so I’m not sure accuracy.

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I’ve seen in other places (NOT Kenny the Pirate as I don’t use his site) from multiple people that as of the 15th it is you only get the one entree - no “sides” of other entrees.

It was never advertised as AYCTE or even order more than one. It just was allowed and word got out on social media and became a “thing” (much like the “just order a coffee and/or a cupcake for your whole party at BoG and get the early entry ADR” thing) and had gotten out of control. Especially with food costs increasing everywhere.


Had bfast there yesterday and I heard the waitress next to us still saying you can get a side portion of anything. Fwiw it’s still happening… for now

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Not Feb 15th yet…

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FWIW the last time I went there, I got a side of eggs and they were godawful - to the point that it’s turned me off ever going there again.

I’m aware

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Most reports have been that it is the restaurant policy effective Feb 15.

Ergo it being offered today or tomorrow does not mean it will be going forward from the 15th.

I was just there in January and the waiter walked us through the menu and explained that we could order one full entee, one full half entree and sides if we wanted them. I didn’t ask if this was the case, this was how it was presented to us. So “out of control” is a bit of an overstatment. A modified AYCTE would be in line with the old Trattoria al Forno chatacter meet (that I still miss).

Also, I understand food costs, but $45 is a lot of money for avacado toast or a salmon bagel


Most servers were giving the option because if they didn’t people were demanding it. But it was never on anything by Disney that it was AYCTE modified or otherwise. No one is forcing you to get avocado toast or a bagel. There are other options.

FWIW I ate at Trattoria for breakfast pre-COVID and was not offered anything extra. So that one was hit or miss too.

You are mostly paying for characters with character meals - and with Topolino’s you get 4 major ones in unique outfits. Character meals have always been expensive.

This is true. But

This is not the read I got from my server. My issue really is the implication that everyone is loudly demanding MORE FOOD when my experience was nothing like that.

This is also true. But your original comment about food costs made it seem that people were unreasonable to ask for 1.5 entrees. And my point is that given two of the choices are avocado toast or a salmon bagel, Disney’s food costs are not outrageous.

$45 is the same as Tusker House and Chef Mickey’s. With better (but less) food the Topolinos price is certainly in a “to be expected price range”. Heck, I paid this much for a very unimpressive Ohana breakfast with no characters.

But it is reasonable for people to reconsider an ADR there given the change in policy.


What are the ages of your group? If you have a some in the “Disney adult but pickey eater” catagory (roughly 9 to 14) I would go woth the buffet so you have more choices.


Yeah - I’ve never eaten there but people rave about it. Even as an adult the menu is very unappealing to me. I’m a traditionalist when it comes to breakfast food. I don’t even know what I’d order.



The whole “you can have extra” DID come about early because people were loudly complaining about it and insisting that it was supposed to be that way. So it became the informal thing to just offer it to prevent dealing with complainers.

People can make their own decisions and if they want to drop ADRs they certainly can. No one is holding a gun to anyone’s head saying “You MUST eat here.” (For that matter no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head saying “You MUST go to Disney World.”) If it doesn’t work for you, find another experience that does.

I am not sure anything I said, or anything in this thread implies that anyone feels this extreme about this issue or Disney vacations.

Because the thread started with the OP looking for advice to help her make a decision, I wanted to affirm that it was perfectly reasonable for her (or people) to reconsider.


I think this is a key factor! There are four (soon five) character breakfasts now that give a range of food and characters - so choices!

Of course my favorite used to be Garden Grill :cry:


Same here :sob:


That cinnamon roll :yum:


There are 5 kids! Ages 11,10,9,8,7! I can wait and see what happens as we don’t leave until the last week of March, however:

I agree! I know you are paying for characters too, however other character meals certainly provide more food. We really enjoyed Tusker House when we were there in 2020 just before COVID.

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