Top tip for iPhone users

It is often recommended that you keep screenshots of your reservations so that, in the wildly unlikely event that Disney IT screws up, you have something to show them as proof of your booking.

Did you know that if you screenshot a webpage on an iPhone (by clicking up-volume and the on-off button at the same time) you will have the option of getting a PDF of that entire webpage. This is quite the time saver.

So if you go to MDE on the Disney website and load the My Plans page you can screenshot everything in one go.


FYI: you do have to tap the screenshot to get the view in the above post. Great tip! Never knew.


Oh interesting! I didn’t know that!


I just tried it and I don’t have it.

Was this in a recent update? I may be due to update

I’m running iOS 16.0

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It’s been available since 2021, that’s when I found out. Although I’m on 16.0.2 right now.


Is it a setting, then? Because I don’t get the option when I screen shot (but I’d like to)

I don’t see anything that indicates you shouldn’t have it?

Take a screenshot or screen recording on iPhone - Apple Support (IE).

So weird. I definitely don’t

I’ll try again later

Omg. You just changed my life.


Did you tap on the screenshot after you make it? Before it goes to your camera roll.

Or do a screen recording instead? Would still prove you had it and only need one file.


Nah I want to do the thing

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So you tapped on your newly made screenshot and got nothing? Or something different happened?


It’s because I was trying to do it from the MDE app

If I do it on an actual webpage I get the full page option



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To be fair to @OBNurseNH , there wasn’t actually a question ……

Is this the new thread you promised us? And pre-banned me from? Asking for a friend.

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It only works from a web page and not from the MDE app. I tried both ways. At least it didn’t work from the app for me under future plans.

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Right there wasn’t. But he can’t help himself just the same

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