Top of the World Reopening!

This is in their month’s DVC Member Insider:


I saw this just a moment ago and thought of you. I’ve never been. Do DVC mbrs get access w/o a resort res? Am I understanding it correctly?

No, rules were changing seemingly all the time, but when I last heard it was: you had to be a Blue Card and Staying at BLT already

Now, whether or not that is currently accurate i have no idea.
At first it was open to everyone.
Then you could go if you were a DVC member at all (white or blue)
Then you had to be a DVC Member Blue Card and be staying somewhere on property (DVC or Normal) ((this was part of the sales pitch I was given, by the by))
Then it was DVC, Blue Card, and using a DVC Res.

Now…what does “reimagined” mean? All drinks no snacks, and everyone has a 30 minute time limit?


I don’t remember this part of my sales mtg. Thanks for the overview, I’ll wait and see :wink:

my guy was seemingly very thorough in his the explanation of side-benefits of DVC. And I guess I looked or said something that indicated I liked the TOTW (which, ironically, I don’t care too much about).
But it was why my very first “DVC photo” is me in the ‘lobby’ of the lounge.


Yay!! We’ve always wanted to go there! Adding it to my May agenda…


I’m excited to see what reimagined means. We were there several years ago and it was nice place to chill and watch the fireworks. The menu could have been better though.

I guess these days I just assume “reimagine” means they will want me to pay for something that use to be free, and it will be a “lesser” experience.


no hearts for that :heart_decoration:

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To circle back on Top of the World pre-closure- it was open to all DVC members (resale and direct) staying onsite . They always scanned my MB before allowing me in the elevator.

I know it was said that when it first opened only BLT guests had access, but that had changed.

Post Covid, the viewing area is the only area that has been open- only on special holidays, and only for BLT guests.

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The only time recently you had to be staying at BLT was on the 30th & 31st Dec and 3rd & 4th July.

You did need to be staying at WDW or Vero Beach (or technically HHI I think). Not 100% sure if it had to be a DVC resort. Didn’t need to be on points. Open to all members though, it’s the Epcot Lounge that was restricted I think.

I think the year pre Covid it went to a paying event on 31st Dec and 4th July.


In early 2020 (late January) when I was there, I wasn’t allowed up because I wasn’t staying at BLT (I was staying at Pop). I was so heartbroken I slinked back over to MK and got a dolewhip (I think, I honestly don’t remember but this sounds like a logical end for me).

Meh, not like that matters anymore anyway… I’m sure there’ll be a whole new set of rules for it.

Must have been a misunderstanding on the CMs part? My son and his girlfriend had no issue February 2020 during their CC/Poly split. I have only stayed at BLT once but I have visited 4-5 times?

I may also be known to use my dvc card and “top of the world” to get Lyfts past over-aggressive guards.

I wonder if that was because you weren’t staying at a DVC resort?

I ended up there in March of 2019 with some random people we met on the Highway in the Sky Dine Around. They were DVC members but not staying on property anywhere at the time the two of us were not DVC.
It was fun super fun and I would love to visit it again when it reopened - I’ll have to figure out a way to get up there.

As a resale pool hopping and top of the world were rhe two things that showed up on my memebership card.

Does staying onsite also count if you were paying cash? And do my guests need to be in my room?

Edit: guess this remains to be seen!

Yes, definatley this!


It definitely is still for resale too:

I guess we will see on the rest!


Just saw this article get posted which should spur some massive speculation regarding “devious Disney characters” and “admission criteria”!|326064310&cid=PDM509814&bid=1058856519


Although it is probably not as cool as their making it sound - I definitely want to find a way to get back up there now!

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Haha so, what, there’s gonna be toilet paper left everywhere?