Top notch dining near US?

A co-worker is looking to meet friends for a dinner in or near Universal. She has very high standards so I need top of the line dining options. I have never been to US so I can't help. TIA

Well, there are all the restaurants at CItyWalk, but they are not what I would consider "top of the line" as they are more on the lines of "premium chains." Check them out and see if one of them would suite her tastes

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Thank you for starting me in the right direction!

What about emerils tchoup chop at universals royal pacific resort - I've not been, but have heard good things about it, and the menu looks great. I have stayed at the resort and it is beautifully themed.

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You could also have a look on open table at diner reviews and photos. I'm not sure how many of them are on there but I've booked emerils tchoup tchoup through there as @Ellen1976 has mentioned above.

I can help. A couple of questions:

How long of a drive is your co-worker willing to make?

What's your co-worker's idea of "top of the line dining"? I ask because there's a quality and cost difference between, say, Ruth's Chris and Victoria & Albert's, even though they're pretty good in their respective categories.

Following up:

I like BiCE (bee-chay) at Portofino for on-site Italian. I think it's better than anything at Disney. Also good onsite is The Palm.

If you're willing to drive, The Ravenous Pig is raved about by pretty much every food reviewer I know in the Orlando area. That'd be my first choice if everyone is willing to drive (and you're able to get reservations).

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Great question! It is good to know the other person's frame of reference when giving these sorts of recommendations, or else there may be some unhappy results. For example, I know people who consider The Cheesecake Factory to be "top of the line dining", when IMHO it is just schlock food mass-produced in a factory in Iowa and re-heated at the location.

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I've been to Tchoup Chop a couple of times and think it's a solid choice. A little cavernous (it's a big, open space), and the food is done well. It's more "upscale" than "top of the line", but a good onsite choice.

We've done a couple of "order one of everything on the menu" meals there, and I was surprised that the steaks were the most popular thing.

My review of their banana cream pie includes the words "will restore your faith in humanity".


@len Working in NYC and having access to its best restaurants she has some very high standards, but I have forwarded her your suggestions and your email address so it is now out of my hands. wink
Thank you @len, @ellen1976 and @brklinck for your helpful suggestions it is very much appreciated. If it was me, I'd be making the trip to the Ravenous Pig.


The Ravenous Pig reminds me of a Southern version of Chicago’s The Purple Pig! LOVE IT so so much!