Top 5 Rides/Attractions at Each Park

If you could only do 5 rides/attractions at each park (including waterparks if you go to them), which would they be?

MK: BTMRR, Splash, Space, PhilharMagic, and Peter Pan. (We haven’t tried 7DT yet so probably will bump something but not PhilharMagic… my favorite).

EP: Soarin’, Living with the Land, Spaceship Earth, Turtle Talk, Test Track.

AK: Lion King, EE, Kali, KS and Nemo

HS: RnRC, TSM, Star tours, Muppet Vision and RnRC again :smile:

TL: I can live without the water parks but I love to do the snorkeling in the shark tank.

I’m kind of a weenie, so my top 5 in MK isn’t very exciting. I’d choose …
Peter Pan
Haunted Mansion
Pirates of the Caribbean
Winnie the Pooh

My fifth would probably be Splash or TTA, but both were closed for refurbishment during our (one and only) trip so I won’t know which I like better until after I return.

MK: BTMRR, Splash, Space, HM, POTC
AK: EE, Kali, KS, Dino, lion king
EP: Soarin, TT, SE, Maelstrom, LwtL
HS: TSMM, TOT, RNR, Star Tours, Indy

MK: Space Mt, Splash Mt, PeopleMover, Buzz, Haunted Mansion or Pirates for my last choice
EP: Soaring, Malestrom, Living with the Land, Spaceship Earth, Sum of all Thrills
AK: Expedition Everest, KS, Kali River, Nemo
HS: RNT, TOT, Star Tours, Muppets

DLR: Batterhorn, Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain And Mad Tea Party DCA: Radiator Springs Racers, Tower of Terror, Screamin’, Soarin and Goofy’s Sky school. Way too scared to ride Mickey’s fun wheel! Regulars call it the cage of death!!

MK: Space, Splash, POTC, Buzz, Philharmagic
EP: TT, Soarin, SE, Living with the Land, Germany Pavillion
AK: EE, KS, Dino, Lion King, Pangani Forest Trail
HS: RnRC, ToT, TSM, Animation Academy, Muppets

Oooo… Hard!
MK: BTMRR!, PotC, HM, Peter Pan & Little Mermaid

EP: Soarin, Maelstrom, Spaceship Earth & maybe TT but that disappoints me after refurb :confused:

AK: EE, Safari, FotLK, & both the animal trails.


Watee Parks: I don’t know the names of most but I love Crush n Gusher at TL, the family raft ride at BB & the lazy rivers.

MK: Splash, BTMRR, Peter Pan, TTA, PoC
EP: SE, Nemo, Soarin, Living with the Land, Maelstrom
HS: ToT, RnR, TSMM, GMR, Muppets

Great topic!!!

MK - splash, SM, HM, BTMRR and I can’t quite out my finger on it. Hmmmm. Oh yeah POC

EP - TT, soaring, SE, DATW and American Adventure

AK - EE, Krr,KS, ttbab, Dino

HS - tot, RnR, TSMM,ST,muppets