Toothsome wait times

Any idea of the typical wait to get a table at the Choc Emporium for dinner on a Monday or Tuesday night?

Not long I hope, I’ll be doing it on a Weds night.

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What time and date? I have been right at opening, and later afternoon and found little to no wait. I have also seen at peak times very long waits at night. Will you be staying on property?

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March 18th or 19th. Probably around 6. No, not staying on property.

I think you will have a wait but sometimes the waits seem to get longer when the parks close and they will still be open?

Edited to add: there is a bar on the 2nd floor. You may ask about sitting there?

Staying one night in Universal at the end of June. Does Toothsome give priority seating to onsite guests? How early would you recommend going there for dinner and not have too long (over 30 min) wait?

I have read reports that they have been better at giving that priority.

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I went on a Monday in October at 5pm and got seated right away with good service. I went on a Sunday in August at 10pm and got seated quickly, but service was horribly slow.