Too tall for Avatar Flight of passage?

Has anyone at least 6 foot 6 ridden Flight of Passage yet? I’d like to hear your experience with the ride vehicle. I’ve heard 7 Dwarves mine Train is a tight fit as well. I’m not concerned with the “Pooh Size” issue…other than some love handles I’m pretty lean (hopefully even leaner by the time of my trip), but my legs are loooong.

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I read a post that someone who was 6’4". 260 lbs rode with no problems…

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Those 2 extra inches can make a big difference when you’re already pushing the limits of the size spectrum, rather than living in the “Average” territory. That’s why I specified 6’6.
He might have just barely fit, but add two inches to his legs and he’s being escorted out by a cast member.

I understand that. I was just trying to share what I know. Next time I won’t.

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My son is shorter than my husband but his legs are lomger. It may work for you.

Any more news on this? I’m 6’7" and we are going in October.

I saw a video on YouTube of a cast member helping a large man fit into (a bit heavy and tall) the demo seat. Her advice was to be on your tip toes or bring your knees up as much as possible while they are locking in your legs. The man was able to ride FoP and credits the cast members tips. Maybe search you tube to see if anyone your height has posted. Good luck. I have some tall ones in my family, so I hear ya!


Although late to this thread we went in January, I am 6’7" and was unable to fit. Three men in our group were also too large/round or tall. Disney also doesn’t handle the removal very well, they just give you a fast pass back.

Searched for this. My son is about 6’6" and still growing. He is thin but very long legs. I’m worried he won’t fit and this ride is pretty awesome. I would hate for him to miss it. Any new info or tips? I’ve googled but haven’t found any other mention of this aside from tall and fluffy.

Have they removed the test seat outside of the queue? In Feb they had one so anyone unsure if they could fit could try it.

It was still there last week.

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Oooh, good to know. I didn’t see it in May but I had no idea to look for one. Do you know if it has the leg restraints to test as I suspect that would be the problem?

I did not try it, but I just looked on youtube and there are some videos there - from that it looks like the restraints are there - you just have to have someone to raise the back brace up and if it will go into the green section you should be fine.

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Yes, the back and leg restraints can be activated in the test seat by a CM. My friend wanted to test it out before getting in line to make sure she fit (and she did–yah!!) The test seat is near the line entrance.

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I have a friend who is 6’5" and reported no issues. I’d asked specifically and it didn’t sound like he was close to being concerned at all. The only issues I’ve heard with the leg restraints is legs being too thick, no length problems…

That sounds like it will be ok then. That’s the flipside to lots of information–then I can worry about tiny potential issues. But good to know this is probably not a problem Thanks!.

I just wanted to update this thread in case anyone will be searching for it. My DH is 6’3" and very thin. The fit felt uncomfortable to his calves/shins, but the CMs didn’t say anything to him about not fitting properly.

Im 6’9" and about 280 and can just barely fit if I take my shoes off. Any taller and I couldn’t for sure.

I am 6’2 230 and got stuck last year on FOP last June. Supposably the second person ever, the first being a technician before it opened. The back didn’t release and the kid working pushed it in harder to get it to release; made it worse. Long story short took 25 minutes and multiple people to get me out. Got to skip the line to ride again however.

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I’m 6’5" and my height comes from longer femur bones. I went in Feb 2018 and I could not fit. My knees would hit before my feet were in. However, I got my party of 12 free fastpasses for Na’vi River Journey.