Too much for one day?

half day water park, then horseback riding followed by mickeys backyard bbq. that is if the weather is nice enough for the waterpark. if not we can also do mini golf. this is potentially going to be a non park day

Have you been to a water park before? It seems like you would only plan to stay a couple of hours?

how long is the horse ride? the bbq starts at 5 30 I figured the water park from 10-2? now that i think about it its probably not realistic. my son will probably not want to be dragged from the water park :confused:

and havent factored in travel time… ok, rethinking this!

I have been to a water park here in my hometown. our parks dont open till at least may tho. I think that i was just thinking that since it will be in april my thoughts were the water park wouldnt be that busy?

I think you could make the dinner but the horse back is too much. Although, what water park and will you have a car?

Probably typhoon lagoon and I’m still undecided about a car, I have a car reserved for the week.

For Typhoon Lagoon you will need to take a bus from your resort to DS and then get a bus from TL to DS and then get resort buses there. For Blizzard Beach almost all bases go through AK. I think there may still be direct buses from the All Stars?

We went to both TL and BB the first week of April last year. We were at TL 30 min before it opened and had done every ride there except the small kids area by 1pm. We ate lunch and then went to BB (we had a car, you literally park right in front of the entrance if there before opening, like a 1 minute walk), my teens rode the chairlift to the top and then came down on the scary slide, we had ice cream and then returned to our resort around 4. We rested a bit, showered, and left for MK around 6. We had dinner and stayed until close at 11pm. Long day, but it was fabulous, plus the next day was a sleep in day for us. It was plenty hot for the water park that week, too hot really for the main parks. It was in the 90’s and very humid for days 1-7 out of 10, the last 3 were much better, low 80’s. I think if you go to the waterpark, horseback riding will be too much before the BBQ. I would just do waterpark and the BBQ. But if you end up playing mini golf, the horseback riding will be great.


yes and I am almost 100 percent positive my kiddo would choose water park over horses.

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