Too many pool refurbs

I am planning a girls weekend, no park trip in March. My first resort choice would have been POFQ but the pool is being refurbished. I booked a 5th Sleeper at CBR and made a request for the new “Under the Sea” themed room in building 34, 35, or 36. I just realized that the main pool at CBR is ALSO being refurbished. Ugh!!!

I looked at Riverside but those room looks so dated and I’m not a fan of the curtain between the main room and bathroom. After showing my friends the new CBR rooms, I feel like that would be a huge let down.

I’ve stayed at GDT and the bathroom set up isn’t conducive to more than one person in the bathroom area as the shower is clear glass.

While we probably would have mainly used the pool near our room, the plan was to use the main pool at CBR until our room was ready.

We have an early Saturday morning flight and would be at the resort by 9AM. Is it going to be a big deal that the main pool is unavailable? Do we just go to the nearest quiet pool and camp out? Hope our room is available after we eat breakfast so we can be at the pool near our room?

And the biggest question is, will Banana Cabana still be open with the main pool close?


They were all refurbed before the Covid shut down . Are there carpets in the photos you are looking at (old rooms) or maybe Royal Rooms (I don’t think those were done). I love the CSR regular rooms snd I believe both the sink area and toilet/ Shower area have doors ?


I love the tower rooms but the bathroom situation can be tricky. So last time we stayed I bought is cheap shower line and suction hooks and put it up over the glass. It worked so well.


I was looking at the 5th sleeper ones with the hardwood. There’s just something about the drapes that make me think “ick”. The regular rooms look a little nicer.


If you stay at POFQ you can use the Riverside pools.

Plus I’ve heard it said the POFQ pool is a kiddie pool anyway.


I knew that but I don’t want to have to walk that far for a pool or have to take the boat to Riverside just for the pool. That’s not convenient.

I like the POFQ pool. We’ve stayed there twice in the past.


Oh they are so not though. I was there last year, in the bayou section, and I fell in love!


There are 4 quiet pools and they were nice - with lounge chairs as well. The main pool has two slides, but if you just want to lounge by the pool, the quiet pools will suffice. There was also a bathroom (but I don’t remember if there is a changing room) in case you want to change into suits.

Banana Cabana will still be open - it’s near the pool but not in the pool area.

It’s likely the front desk could get you in sooner but it might not be in an Under the Sea room :woman_shrugging:


Banana Cabana is open. I would honestly stay at CSR vs CBR. I have stayed at both in the last 2 months (including a new LMM room at CBR) and hands down CSR is nicer on every front. I hated CBR. Everything felt so far and the rooms were worse than a value. Everything about CSR is nicer and their pool is amazing (and open). Their quiet pools all look nice too.


I’ve stayed at CSR and it wasn’t my favorite. I’ve never stayed at CBR so I was excited to give it a try because I wouldn’t stay there if we were going to parks.

Hmmm…something to think about. I appreciate your perspective.


I really like the vibe at CBR. But if main pool is closed, consider that quiet pools might fill up and be um, not so quiet. Might be ok but something to consider.


I consistently say that resort picking is like the “wand choosing the wizard” (wrong IP, I know). There are so many resort choices and many people end up picking what works for them, but might not work for others.

The transportation at CBR was a huge bonus for me - if it was all busses, I might have selected a different resort. We spent a ton of time at HS, so the Skyliner was awesome and my kids wanted a pool with a slide. It’s why it worked for us. But, you might have different reasons and go with what is calling you!


@OBNurseNH and @LTinNC82

What do you know about GDT Club level?

Does all alcohol have to be consumed in the Club or can we take a bottle of wine or beers back to the room to enjoy there? Can we grab some beers to take to the pool?

If we can take alcohol to go, I’d consider switching to CSR for GDT Club level. It cost each of us an extra $134.35. If we can’t take it to go, I’ll keep my 5th sleeper CBR, go to the quiet pool, and order alcohol from Amazon Fresh.


I don’t have any experience with club level, but I do believe you can take things with you from the lounge. Maybe not a whole bottle of wine, but a glass or 2 each.

I’d check the lounge hours too before committing to make sure it’s open wheh you’d need it. I know GDT consistently ranks high for club level though.


This. I am hearing that they pour everything for you

I hear FABULOUS things about Chronos Club! Do it!


That’s what I was thinking. Thanks for clarifying.