TOO many Fastpass+ reservations? What's gonna happen?

I updated some Fastpass+ reservations and the darndest thing happened. The system gave me my new ones and kept my old ones. So, now I have six including some that overlap (beautifully, I might add. 7DMT and Space for the same hour. That could work great).

BUT, under the category of Too Good to be True, what will happen in the 55 days until I use them? Should I expect them to be corrected? That wouldn’t be horrible. It’s only fair. My real concern is that I show up with the FPP I want to use and it’s not valid.

I have heard of this happening before, and the end result was that only the new FPP reservations were valid and the old ones were not. IIRC it depended on what system they used to view the reservations (website vs MDE app), and one of them was correct whereas the other had the extras.

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Actually, I now see what happened. Half of them are mine and half of them are my daughter’s. I’m going to need to call to get this fixed, I’m afraid.

i had a glitch and got 2 TSMM for the same day and 2KS for the same day. We rode TSMM back to back with no problems. We just didn’t use the KS so not sure what would have happened there.

That’s what I was going to suggest as a possibility. Every time I’ve had more than 3 FP, it’s because someone in the party didn’t get theirs ported over for some reason.