Too Many Days?

I know the correct answer is NO! Of course you can never have too many days at Disney!! But even so, we currently have a trip booked 9/28 - 10/4 with 7 park days (2 days at each park except AK). It will be me, DH, and DD who will be almost 3. I’m worried that with the limited amount of things open and having some rides she is still to short for (she is just about 38.5") two days in EP and HS might be a bit much. I would keep 2 days in MK but thinking about cutting the trip short and taking away the extra EP and HS days. Thoughts?

At current crowd levels, it might be too much. Some of the the extras you might fill that time with might not be available.

On the other hand, it really means you can take your own sweet time about things. Taking frequent breaks and opportunities to just “smell the roses”, etc?

If you could cut off a couple of days, and save that money for a future trip? I think I would…especially since it is unlikely your DD will have any first-hand memories of this trip (other than from looking at photos). In other words, focus on what you and your husband want to do moreso than what your DD wants to do because it is the two of you who will have the memories…although, part of those memories will include seeing your DD experience Disney.

One consideration for keeping the trip longer, however, is the risk of a Tropical Storm during those days. With an elevated active season this year, if a Tropical Storm (or Hurricane) blows over during your stay, having the extra days means it won’t be a big deal if you have to hunker down at your resort for a day or two. (We had to do that one year for a Universal trip…lost an entire day due to a Tropical storm that passed over while we were there.)

I agree with your thoughts about cutting back. Right now a lot of the stuff your little one can do / experience is closed (Character meetings / parades / shows / playgrounds)

At that age a trip to WDW is more about you watching them experience the Magic. Sadly, that is not going to happen until the parks are operating normally.


How we tackled this question … as ryan1 mentioned, Given limited experiences and entertainment, we opted to still go to WDW, but scale back the days (and budget), and re-use that saved money to plan to go again, later as more experiences re-open.

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I was there with my DS 18 and DD 22 from 7/17 - 7/26. I felt our trip was too long. We had two days at all four parks and a resort day in the middle. With the limited capacity, what happens is you reach a point that you’ve done everything you want to do and there is still three or four hours left in your park day. My kids are ride fiends and even they reached their limit.

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Soooo there is such a thing as too many days??? :astonished: I hope I get to experience that! Years ago (2 decades) when we lived in FL the first time w/ APs the kids got tired of going once a month. I never got tired of it… obviously… but they did. I liked that the more I went the more relaxed it became. I got to enjoy the little things and get to know the intricacies of the parks, resort hop, ppl watch. We have the best pictures from that time i.e. my DD-12 at MGM :wink: winning the hula-hoop contest on main st. And I loved getting to know the seasons of the park throughout the year. I’m looking forward to that again.

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I’m the same. I could go every week, maybe more, and not get tired of it. The company my wife works for has thier HQ in Tampa. We’ve joked that if she ever gets offered a promotion that I’d be OK moving the same day!

Hot Take (I’ve mentioned it in the past though) - I didn’t take my DD to WDW until she was 10. I don’t think it’s “worth it” to take a child any younger than that. I worked for theme parks for nearly 10 years. I saw, firsthand, too many tired parents / screaming and cry toddlers and small kids.

I know going to Disney at a very young age is mostly so the parents can watch the kids have fun, but mostly the kids barely enjoy it. IMHO- it is too much money to “waste” when they’d be just as happy with a Slip N’ Slide and pizza . My parents took me when I was 4 and 8 and I have almost no memories of either trip. The first trip I really “remember” is when I was 12.

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I know we took ours when they were little but it was all about me being able to go… I wanted to share the experience w/ them but they grew into it. As teenagers they all when through a stage of… “Not again!” but as young adults they go whenever they get the chance. It isn’t a lot cuz of cost. It was a major reason for us to move back to FL… be near the magic and provide a place to stay for all the kids and grandkids to visit us and the magic. Then C-19 lol.

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With a 3 year old yes, 2 days in each park is too much. There won’t be that much to do in HS and Epcot for 2 days each. If possible it would be good to take a day off in the middle of the trip. Our first year doing a week long trip with a 5 year old, we planned park days everyday and regretted not taking a day off. He was exhausted and irritable. After that, we always take one day off from parks to rest and relax at the resort or visit DS.


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Thanks for your input! Hope to hear more from you!

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I would keep the trip the same length, but cut down on the number of park days to 4 or 5, personally.
My oldest son will be almost 3 when we go in November. Our trip will be a Friday-Sunday, 9 nights and 10 days. We have 6 park days planned for us, and 5 park days planned for our son (mother in law will stay T the resort with him on our second HS DAY- also know as Galaxy’s Edge Geek-Out Day) I figure for him, there’s enough for one day at HS, EP, AK, and 2 at MK. We don’t go to parks on travel days because we are flying and travel days are hard enough on us and our little one without navigating a park. Then we have 2 resort days planned inbetween the park days. We figure lots of rest and downtime will be our key to a magical vacation for all of us.