Too many ADRs?

We are not doing the dining plan and are going to be at Disney for 7 days/6 nights in November with a 1 and 3 year old staying at AKL Kidani. Right now I have 6 table service meals booked. In your experience, is that too many? They are: Boma (Breakfast 7:45am), Akershus (Breakfast @ 10:55am), Tusker House (Breakfast (10:25am), Crystal Palace (Breakfast 9:25am), Ohana (Dinner 5:35pm), 1900 Park Fare (Breakfast 11:35am).

I’d never think 1 a day was too much, and even 2 on a couple of days wouldn’t be outrageous, especially if they were breakfast and dinner. So no, I don’t think you have too many. Assuming you want them all of course.

I think one per day is perfect, especially as all except Boma are character meals or have entertainment (Ohana) to allow the 1 and 3 year old to enjoy a sit-down meal. We always do one TS per day, and two TS meals on one or two days of a trip. It’s a nice break from crowds and the sun, even if you have littles. All of yours except Ohana are buffets, which are a bit less relaxing with littles–but you gotta do what you gotta do to see those characters :slight_smile:

Our upcoming trip will be our first to really experience multiple TS restaurants, but we have also booked 6 for our 7 day stay. Hoping that’s going to be just the right amount of relaxing and enjoying food but not take too much time away from the attractions.

I think it depends totally on what your priorities are. We have 14 TS ADRs for an 9-day trip and I’m pleased with that. We like the break and dining experiences are part of the draw of the trip for us.

You have the regular dining plan? If you do then six are perfect!

This will make you feel even more at ease…my (extended) family and I are staying for seven days in November also. We have 15 TS meals scheduled :open_mouth: Most days are two ADRs, two days we have three. Yes, it is taking up a big bunch of our time, but the in-laws wanted Deluxe Dining and are getting their money’s worth! Doesn’t seem to be interfering TOO much with our daily plans. I’d like a little more touring time in Epcot, but there’s always next time… :grin:

We were just there with our 18 month old. We only did one TS meal, and it was a character meal, Cape May. With our daughter even that was a little much because she still doesn’t love to sit down for a long period of time at restaurants. We had a lot of luck with Geyser Point- although doesn’t take ADR- because it was outside with a little more freedom for her to run around nearby. Really I guess it just depends on the child but just sharing our experience. You know your child and what he/she can handle!

We don’t have the dining plan, we are renting points for DVC and with our 1 yr old eating free we still save money paying out of pocket!

One a day is certainly reasonable; I typically do two - lunch and dinner - on most days (but I am perhaps a bit outside of the “norm”). We have no kids and don’t like “big” breakfasts, so I can’t say I’d pick any of the ones that you have, but they are all solid choices if you’re into CMs.

I have no problem with the total number of meals that you have planned. In fact I think you’ve chosen, for the most part, really great restaurants. (I’m not sure your kids will have much appreciation, but the food is pretty good nonetheless.:slight_smile: ) But I might suggest you try to move your breakfasts up, if possible. If your kids are like mine when they were very young, they will be hungry a lot earlier. The other factor is that taking your breakfasts that late (and at those locations) really does put a huge dent in what you can do in the parks, if that’s also important to you. Just my opinion. Hope it helps!

We’re taking our 2 year old in January and we only have BoG ADR and Crystal Palace (although we will probably cancel that one.) We don’t go out to each that much and it can be stressful to keep him entertained that long, especially for a buffet where I’d be getting up constantly. And like someone else said, we weren’t willing to give up that much park time. Just my opinion.