Too many ADR’s?

Traveling with my Dad (77 poor health, poor mobility refuses a wheelchair) staying at AKL. He has requested 3 things…a great breakfast, to eat at Tutto Italia in Epcot, and Homecoming. They are only with us for 2 nights. Scheduled Boma for our Epcot day 7:30 with park opening at 9. Then Tutto Italia at 12:45. Then got the idea to treat him to Jiko at 6. We are not a family that eats out often so I’m wondering if it will be too much food? The next day is our BOG PPO and he is going to have breakfast but my thought was it won’t count as a good breakfast!!! They leave that afternoon so the only time for Boma is our Epcot day. Same with Jiko because we are going to Homecoming the night before. It’s flower and garden festival and I would love to snack around the world but I thought it might be better for him to have a guaranteed sit down break. Thanks as always!!!

Although I live your choices, I think it is too much food. I actually would consider moving your lunch to later?

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If he should be in a wheelchair, but won’t I think lots of ADRs are the way to go. They will be a great air conditioned break.

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For us, Boma, Tutto and Jiko in one day would be way too much food. We rarely manage more than a sncak or a very light meal after a Boma breakfast. What are your food plans on the first day? Is there any way you could perhaps do Boma then?

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3 ADRs in a single day seems like way too much food and a lot of time spent eating or at or on the way to restaurants. I’d suggest moving the TI meal to dinner and/or seeing if he’d rather eat at Jiko. Boma breakfast is pretty awesome so I think you nailed that one :slight_smile:


You can always just keep the ADRs and see how you’re feeling about it as the time approaches. You can always just cancel it with no penalty as long as you do it the day before. I think I tend to over-plan myself, but at least you have the option…

But, that is a lot of food within a 12 hour span. Plus, you’ll be spending most of your day in a restaurant. FWIW, BOG breakfast is pretty decent!

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I think it’s too much food for one day, and we like to eat!

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Hi, I think it’s wonderful of you to take your Dad and make it a great trip for him. He’s mentioned a great breakfast, Tutto Italia, and Homecomin’- but also I’m reading several references to Jiko and Boma, which I really understand since they’re great restaurants and you yourself don’t want to miss them. However, they’re not on his wish list. So those are the ones that will have to be pared down a bit, and yes I agree that’s too much food.

I’d skip Jiko (are you sure he’d even like it?) but the rest sound find. You could see if you could get the Tutto Italia reservation pushed back a little bit later.

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Jiko is usually the highest rated wdw restaurant. Although I do agree I would skip it.


Yes, but it also very distinctive. I could see some less adventurous eaters disliking the menu.

I guess I never felt it was very adventurous. Great food though!

I think Jiko is one of those places where the menu sounds more adventurous than the food actually is. A bit like Skipper Canteen. Still, agree that the food is excellent! :slight_smile:

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That’s a great idea! Our flight gets in later but they will get there first! I’ll switch it to Sunday if I can! Didn’t even think of that!!! Thank you!!!

Thanks everyone! I’m going to move Boma to Sunday before my daughter and I get there and will let him sit and look at both menus before deciding between Jiko and Tutto Italia (he is pretty adventurous and loves food!).

A few things. Jiko is a great place, very different and the food is great. I love going there and would highly suggest it. I se you say he is petty adventurous so, yes, I am sure he will love it.
I myself love to eat, have done the deluxe dining plan and have have eaten 3 sit down meals in one day a number of times. The thing to know is that it will be a lot of food. I would break this up, which is looks like you have done.

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