Too excited to sleep!

Heading out in the morning for a few days in my favorite place! Staying at Pop from Saturday through Wednesday with my 20 year old son! We are going to do a few new things. We are going to DAH tomorrow night at DHS and are doing the HEA after fireworks desert party on Tuesday. We have the quick service dining plan this time so we only have a couple of ADR’s, one for a Garden Grill breakfast and one for a BOG lunch. Going to hit all four parks but are planning to be a little more relaxed for this trip. I may do a day to day trip report. That would also be a first!

Going to try to get some sleep. We have an hour drive to Nashville to catch a 7:40 flight!


Safe travels. Hope it’s a great trip for you.

Have a great trip!
We really enjoyed the HEA after fireworks desert party.
We live about an hour from Nashville too and tend to take those early morning flights as well.

Praying everything goes smoothly in your travels tomorrow! Looking forward to your report!

Enjoy your trip!