Tonys very merry party

What is everyones feeling about tonys very merry xmas party? Seems to be expenses to add a party to an already expensive party ticket. However we are going to the first xmas party which im assuming would be busy and the parade is important for us. We are a family of four (children 9 and 7)

Have you been to the party before? I decided not to do it because I am taking a couple of first timers sand I want the flexibility to do a couple of things.

Been to disney a few times but first time for the xmas party

I was also wondering this about Tony’s (Cruella’s) not so scary party. It sounds like it is a new add on for Halloween? I like the idea of it…but similar to what @principaltinker said, we’ve never been before so do we want to lock ourselves in?
I read some reviews for Very Merry that made it sound like it is worth it!

I did this last year and I’m doing it again this year.

Last year my priority was parade viewing. I didn’t even look at the food offering.

The viewing spot was perfect. See for yourself:


like any extras, it depends on your specific scenario and, due to cost, the number of people. i went last year with a party of three. my motivation was to secure a spot for my wheelchair-bound mom to watch the parade. it was a special trip for her and, as she put it, “the last hurrah.” :grinning:

for us, it was very much worth it. the weather took a nosedive that day. it was very cold (picture a crazy hunt through the emporium looking for knit caps) and difficult for my mom to be outside. tony’s saved the day. i was able to bring her inside where it was warm. there were plenty of food and drink options. i wheeled her out for the parade. we looked down main street with a perfect view of the castle. it was wonderful. after the parade, we went back to tony’s and relaxed with more food and drink while mk cleared out.

expensive, yes. i don’t know if i’d do it again for that reason but it was the perfect one-time treat for my mom. and the parade view was unforgettable.

happy to answer any specific questions if you have any.


This looks like a great add-on and it stays open an extra 30 minutes. My issue is that I’m mostly at a party for the low crowds at rides. This looks to be a feature you’d want if you prioritize the shows / parades. Having to walk all the way back to the front of the park to grab food takes me away from attractions. I could eat at closing, but seems like a lot of heavy food to eat at midnight.

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